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Glendale Hospice Care

Facing the end of life is never an easy task, but you don’t have to do it completely alone if you use hospice care. Hospice providers can make sure they manage any discomfort you have, monitor your condition, and see that your family gets the emotional support they are going to need during this time. Glendale has plenty of hospice providers that can give you care in your home or provider care through a facility like a nursing home. If you are thinking about hospice care, here are the things you should know.

Who Is On A Hospice Care Team?

You might not realize it, but hospice care is not given by just one person. A whole team of specialists will coordinate their efforts to make you comfortable in your final months as well as take care of your family. Here are just a few possible members of your team.

The person in charge of everything will be your doctor in partnership with the hospice director. Since your doctor knows everything about you and your condition, they will make sure to get team members who can give you the care you need. They will oversee everything and make adjustments as they are needed.

You will also have nurses or in-home health aides that will be there to help you with things like pain management, medications, or any other issues you might come across. Since they will be with you daily, they will report on your condition to your doctor and provide any additional care you need.

Towards the end, you might have a homemaker come to take care of things like laundry, cooking, and cleaning so your family can spend time with you and not worry about that.

A social worker, a member of the clergy, or counselor will be brought in to help you emotionally. They can explain the process and give emotional support when needed.

Trained hospice volunteers will be able to help with respite care or listen when you need to talk with someone.

Friends and neighbors can also be a valuable part of your support team. They can do things like handle chores, errands, or even meals if you need.

Glendale Hospice Care

Your doctor might suggest a particular hospice care provider, or you might be on your own to look for a provider. There are a few places you can search such as the Arizona Hospice & Palliative Care Organization. They have an online directory that can help you find hospice care in Glendale. Veterans should check with the VA health system to see where they can get both in-home and inpatient hospice care.

If you want to look for more options, you can look on You can find both in-home providers and facilities like Thunderbird Senior Living and Golden Age II that offer hospice care. You can also read reviews of these places from current and previous customers and residents.

How Can I Pay For Hospice Care?

If you have insurance through a private provider, check your policy because hospice care is often covered. If you have Medicare Part A, hospice care is covered no matter where you are. Eligible veterans should check their VA benefits to see where they can get in-home or inpatient hospice care. Many providers are also willing to work with seniors who might not be able to afford hospice care. Ask if they will operate on a sliding-scale fee to fit your budget.

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