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Glendale Aging In Place

When you think about where you want to live, as you get older, do you picture a nursing home or your home? Many seniors wish to stay in their homes as they age and aging in place services allow them the freedom to do that. Homemakers can help by keeping your house in shape, and home health aides can help by monitoring your health conditions, assisting you with getting around, and reminding you to take your medications. You don’t have to leave the home you love when you get older; you just need to look for the right services for your needs.

How Do I Pay For These Services?

If you’re like most seniors, you worry that in-home care will cost too much, but fortunately, you have some payment options. If you’re a retired veteran, you can use your VA benefits to cover the cost of these services. You can also get reimbursed for your services if a doctor has stated you need continuous care or monitoring to be able to stay in your house. You can also find financial help through the Maricopa Area Agency on Aging, Region One. Qualified seniors can get help with homemakers, meal delivery, home health aides, and other in-home care options.

How Much Will These Services Cost?

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when you look at the cost of in-home care. Where you live will affect the price as will the type of care you choose and how frequently you use it. If you look at the national average for homemakers and home health aides, it’s right around $3,800 or $123 per day.

Glendale averages are higher than the national averages but not by much. Home health aides can cost around $4,063 per month, and homemakers can cost around $3,813 per month. You’re looking at paying anywhere between $125 and $134 per day for these services. If you don’t need help every day or only need a few things done, then these costs could be lowered.

Looking For Glendale Providers

You want to find a good company that is not only reliable but can meet all of your needs. Start by talking with your doctor and see if they know of good providers and ask friends or family members for their suggestions. The Arizona Better Business Bureau is another good place to make a list of potential providers because you can look at previous customer’s reviews and view the business profile.

You should also have a list of questions to ask each potential provider so you can get a feel for their company. Only choose providers that are insured and bonded and have the proper licensing. Find out if they do background checks on their employees and ask how they handle scheduling services. You should also know how and when they accept payment before you sign any contracts.

Other In-Home Care Options

Perhaps you aren’t ready for an in-home health aide, or you don’t want to use a homemaker to maintain your house. That’s fine because there are plenty of other options available to help you with what you need. A quick search online can yield providers who offer concierge services that include everything from dog walking to house cleaning. will help you find a pet sitter or dog walker while Favor and TaskRabbit can help you find someone to run your errands or do your chores. If you need help with your house, you can find home cleaning services on Amazon Home Services, or check if you need a contractor to do minor home repairs or major home improvements. Whatever you need, you can find it online.

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