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Financial Assistance for Glendale Seniors

If you are an older adult living in Glendale, there are many ways that you can make the most of your budget each month. Local agencies and nonprofit organizations help Glendale seniors to learn more about affordable transportation options, housing, home delivered meals and other senior services in their area.

Where can I find assistance with my grocery bill?

The Arizona Nutrition Assistance (NA) Program helps low-income families across Glendale to eat healthy without going over their monthly food budget. Eligible seniors can purchase groceries, plant seeds, and edible plants using NA benefits.

If you have trouble preparing your own meals each day, the YWCA Valley West Center provides Meals on Wheels services to Glendale residents in need. Seniors can have hot meals delivered straight to their doorstep on Monday through Friday, and special frozen meals are available for the weekend. Meals on Wheels is able to cater to the nutritional needs of seniors with low sodium and diabetic diets. The YWCA also helps to sponsor the Glendale Adult Center Lunch Program, where seniors over 60 can enjoy a delicious and nutritious noontime meal for a recommended contribution of just $2.50.

Who can help me cover housing costs?

When you need help with rent, mortgage or utility bills, the City of Glendale Community Action Program (CAP) is there to provide social support and financial assistance. The Utility Deposit Program and the Arizona Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps Glendale residents to pay for water, gas, and electricity each month. You can also save money on your utility bills by improving the energy efficiency of your home through the Arizona Weatherization Assistance Program.

Seniors who are living on a limited income may be eligible to save on rent by moving into one of three affordable public housing communities located in Glendale. Low-cost apartment units are available to prospective residents who pass a brief pre-screening process. Glendale Community Housing covers the cost of utilities and maintenance for all tenants. City residents over the age of 62 are given preference when there is a waiting list for available living quarters.

Where can I access social programs for seniors?

When you want to get out of the house to stay active and socialize, you can drop by the Glendale Adult Center to meet up with friends and neighbors. Members can challenge their peers to a game of cards, play a round of Wii bowling, shoot some pool, and more. The center also offers a wide variety of computer courses, crafts clubs, and senior fitness programs. Adults over the age of 65 who don’t have access to reliable transportation can schedule a ride for just $1 each way with the Glendale Dial-a-Ride program.

Seniors who are interested in applying for benefits, including housing assistance and meal delivery programs, can make an appointment with the Glendale Adult Center to speak with benefits expert about eligibility requirements and the application process. You can also contact a representative at the Maricopa County Region 1 Area Agency on Aging by calling their 24-hour senior help line at (602) 264-4357 for information, resources and referrals.

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