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Catholic Health Care in Glendale

The Phoenix Metropolitan area gives Catholic seniors options for health care and support through local charities, churches, and foundations. Charities and churches provide area seniors home care, activity centers, assisted living facilities, assistance with different chores, adult day care, and home care. Glendale seniors receive the Catholic support they need through these charities and churches for their overall health, well-being, and medical needs, and care.

Complete care for Catholic seniors

There are numerous Catholic churches in Glendale that offer support. Seniors can find a group to assist with any need from spiritual to physical. St. Helen has a young at heart group for those over 50 to meet, social, pray, and support each other. They meet the first Monday of each month.

Duet Care through St. James gives homebound seniors assistance with grocery shopping, computer assistance, transportation to appointments, and friendly visits.

Saint Andrews in Chandler offers community education to emphasize health, wellness, and faith to area residents.

Saint Joan of Arc in Phoenix offers Senior Ministry complete with seminars, outings, retreats, scripture lessons, games, and movie watching. The singles group helps you meet new people if you are widowed, divorced, or just never married.

For additional Catholic support and companionship, FSL created two senior centers. There is a location in nearby Peoria. This center offers recreational activities, daily lunch programs, wellness programs, and other social groups.

Foundation for Senior Living gives Catholic support to seniors

The Foundation for Senior Living (FSL) was formed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to improve senior’s living through social services, housing, and health services.

FSL offers adult day health services for active programs, exercises, mingling, and medical assistance. Whether this is respite care or socialization for seniors, these programs enrich the mind and well-being of the individual.

FSL provides home care assistance to promote maximum independence for those homebound seniors. Services are tailored to the individual’s specific needs. You can also choose your schedule, so you have control.

Assisted group living provides extended care and housing options to those adults who need additional care for behavioral health. There are FSL homes throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. These groups also provide training and counseling for the patient and family to live daily lives. Since these programs have been so successful, other programs have used this program as a model.

Other FSL health services include:

home monitoring and safety checks

prescription reminders and assistance

transportation to appointments

miscellaneous chores including errand running and cleaning

respite care

community and caregiver education

Area Catholic hospitals also offer education. St. Luke’s offers health workshops and free hearing screenings.

Seniors in medical facilities can also receive Catholic support through Holy Cross in Mesa. Currently, they regularly visit Banner Baywood Heart Hospital, Banner Baywood Medical Center, and Mt View Medical Center. This group also visits nursing homes and homebound senior’s homes to provide spiritual support, improving mental health.

If you want to find a doctor that follows Catholic principles while practicing medicine, search the Catholic Physicians Guild of Phoenix.

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