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What’s the Cost of Living in Gilbert, AZ?

The cost of living becomes a particular concern after you enter your retirement years. Instead of counting on regular raises or promotions to meet increasing living expenses, you have a fixed income.

Relocating to a state with lower monthly living expenses is a great idea if you’re concerned with maintaining a good standard of living on a fixed income.

Gilbert, Arizona, has a lot to recommend as a place to stretch that retirement dollar to its furthest. Even though the cost of living there isn’t necessarily the lowest in the U.S., Gilbert has a combination of amenities, climate, and transportation options that could make it a good choice for retirees.

The Cost of Food and Groceries in Gilbert

The cost of food and groceries in Gilbert, Arizona, while at the national median, is still lower than in many other U.S. states. Looking at the average Gilbert grocery bill, you’ll see that a quart of milk is only $0.65 per quart and a dozen large eggs can be purchased for around $2.50. One pound of the boneless chicken breast is an affordable $3.00 per pound and potatoes are only $0.50 per pound.

If you drink, then Gilbert prices will keep your budget on track. Domestic beer can be bought for between $1 and $2 per bottle, and a domestic red wine is in the $8 to $10 range.

If you enjoy eating out, Gilbert is affordable for most people. A neighborhood pub will provide a meal for two for $25 to $35 and a quick fast food stop will only cost you $6 to $8 for three courses.

Internet Service

Internet access is as essential as telephone service used to be; in Gilbert, standard broadband service is easily affordable. Monthly service will cost between $25 and $45 per month depending on service provider and speed.

Transportation Costs in Gilbert

Traveling in Gilbert is easy and affordable. A gallon of gasoline averages about $2 per gallon and car insurance costs track the national average. The hot, dry climate and long, straight highways will save wear and tear on your vehicle while keeping fuel economy high.

If the day comes when you stop driving due to physical limitations, Gilbert is part of a network of affordable bus and light rail service to all the local communities. Travel to Phoenix is particularly easy, so you’ll still enjoy getting out and about even without a vehicle.

How expensive is Senior Care in Gilbert?

If you eventually need the services of a nursing home or assisted care facility in Gilbert, you’ll find it costs much less than the national average. While nationally it costs an average of about $80,000 per year for a shared room, the same care will cost an affordable $5,500 on average in Gilbert.

An assisted care facility in Gilbert will average $3200 per month, making Gilbert an attractive place to relocate if only for that.

Compare costs with your current living expenses and see if Gilbert could be right for you.

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