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Gilbert Senior Living

Arizona is home to many retired seniors, and while you might be newly retired, at some point you might need a little extra help. Whether that extra help is for your health or just around your home, you can find assistance with ease right here in Gilbert. There are home care options, in-home health support, and different communities for the various needs of seniors. If you’re not sure what is available to you or what it might cost, this guide to Gilbert senior living should be helpful.

What Senior Care Costs

The cost of senior care can vary significantly based on your needs, the type of care you choose and your location. When compared to national averages, Gilbert is fairly in line with most costs but can be a little more expensive in a few areas.

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey for 2016 listed the national average for assisted living facilities at $43,539 per year. In Gilbert, assisted living facilities average about $41,640. A semi-private room averaged $82,125 nationally while it averaged $75,555 in Gilbert, and private rooms were $92,378 nationally and $95,630 in Gilbert.

In-home care costs were a little higher than national averages in Gilbert, especially for adult day care programs. The yearly average in Gilbert was $22,880 compared to $17,680 nationally. Homemakers cost about $45,760, which is the same as the national average, and home health aides were $48,757, which is more than the national average of $46,332.

Again, these costs will vary based on your needs, and you can find a provider in Gilbert that fits your budget. When planning, keep in mind that these prices will rise in the coming years. Genworth expects most expenses to increase by about 3% over the next five years.

Senior Care Choices In Gilbert

The baby boomer is just starting to retire, and with so many more seniors out there, senior care options are growing. Growth is a good thing because that means you now have more choices and can build a care plan that is specifically suited to your needs and budget.

Care At Home And In The Community

Many seniors like the fact that they can stay in their homes longer due to home care options and community services. Here are a few choices you can use to build a customized care plan.

Homemakers make it easier to stay at home by taking care of things like meal planning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and running errands. Some providers like Right At Home and Care2Care also offer medication reminders and mobility assistance. Home health aides have a bit more medical training and can help you with things like wound care, wheelchair transfers and can check your vital signs and monitor chronic health conditions.

Adult day care programs are for seniors that need supervision during the day. Some programs cater towards specific diseases like Alzheimer’s or diabetes. Most programs will provide at least one meal and some snacks. They also offer activities, social interaction, and sometimes fitness classes.

Concierge Services offer specific help for a few tasks like house cleaning, running errands, or walking the dog. Seniors can visit sites like Favor, Rover, TaskRabbit, Handy, and Porch to find services in their area.

Questions For Home Care Providers

Don’t just pick any service provider at random. You want to do your homework, so you find trusted and reliable care suited to your needs. Here are some questions you should ask.

Are you insured and bonded?

Do you do background checks on all your employees?

Is there a backup plan if there is an emergency?

What type of training do the employees receive?

Do you have the proper license to provide care in this city?

Also, make sure these providers offer their services in your city if Gilbert is not their home base.

Senior Care In A Facility Or Community

Sometimes it’s not an option for a senior to stay in their home and if that is the case, you should know what’s available when it comes to facilities or communities. Each one has something to offer seniors, and your choice depends on your budget and needs.

Independent lifestyle is a type of community that doesn’t provide much health care but gives seniors a chance to live in their own residence while enjoying amenities geared towards them. Amenities might include fitness classes, swimming pools, golf courses, and onsite restaurants.

If you still want a private residence but more assistance, assisted living facilities are a good choice. You can still get many of the amenities of an independent lifestyle along with care or supervision from trained staff.

A nursing home has the benefit of a team of doctors and nurses, and while it can be a long-term care option, some seniors go to a nursing home to treat an illness or recover from surgery.

Dementia care facilities are similar to nursing homes in that doctors and nurses are on hand to care for you, but with added benefits. There is a higher amount of security, so no patients wander away. These facilities also offer activities that enhance cognitive function and provide treatments geared towards Alzheimer’s.

Questions To Ask Communities And Facilities

What does the daily schedule look like, particularly for dementia care patients?

What does the cost of each facility/community include?

What is the cost of extra services?

Can I use outside providers for services?

What are the rules and regulations on things like pets or overnight guests?

For independent and assisted living, are there transportation options?

Paying For Senior Care In Gilbert

Financial assistance is available for many of the senior care options here in Gilbert. For independent communities, you won’t be able to use Medicare or other benefits, but you can rely on Social Security payments or a retirement savings account. If you are a low-income senior, Medicare can help you cover in-home care or assisted living facilities. Veterans and widows of veterans can use their VA benefits, as long as they know their coverage. A reverse mortgage can also help financially, but make sure you understand the risks first.

Senior Events, Activities, And Volunteering In Gilbert

If you’re looking for a way to spend your time during retirement, Gilbert has a few options. Gilbert is close to major cities like Phoenix and Tempe, so you can always enjoy the culture and entertainment they have to offer. You can also visit the Gilbert Senior Center and take part in their activities. They have weekly bingo games, wellness checks, exercise classes, live music, and dancing. Another good way to spend your retirement is by volunteering your time. The East Valley Retired Senior Volunteer Program is a great place to start.

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