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Gilbert Retirement Planning

No one it seems wants to devote much attention to planning for the inevitable arrival of retirement. A survey by Transamerica of over 4,000 workers in the U.S. shows that more than half of them had only a vague idea how much money they’ll need to retire comfortably. Even more people than that in the survey expressed the wish that they knew more about retirement planning.

This is why it is of paramount importance that you use the services of a certified financial planner to explain your options to you, calculate how much you’ll need, and help you assemble the panoply of long-term services you will need to rely on in your later years.

Gilbert, Arizona, and the area around it is home to a large selection of financial planners that can help you make your retirement a pleasant and financially stable time.

The recommendation of the CFP Board of Standards is that you give due consideration to the multiple factors of long-term care, health care, estate planning, and retirement income.

Complexities of Income Issues

As complicated as income and taxes can be, it is essential that you achieve an understanding of the issues involved. A financial planner can help you plan out your retirement distributions to minimize tax liabilities and increase your total monthly income.

Using Social Security Retirement benefits as an example: sometimes waiting longer before beginning to collect can make a large difference in how much you’re paid each month.

Find Out When to Take from Your Retirement Savings

Use a financial advisor to find out when is the best time, and the right amount to withdraw from your retirement accounts.

Drawing down your funds in the right way, according to a professionally planned schedule can save you a lot of money in taxes. Your retirement planner will examine your accounts and manage your investments to make the most of your retirement assets.

The financial planner will tell you if you have to work into your retirement years, or if you’ll have to defer retirement for several more years to maintain your standard of living.

How to Find a Financial Planner in Gilbert

Start by asking friends, family, and professional associates. Find someone you trust who already relies on the services of a financial planner for their retirement needs.

Use online resources to quickly assemble a list of likely candidates. The CFP Board of Standards searchable database will find you a financial planner that is nearby, a retirement specialist, and currently certified to help guide your retirement planning.

Of course, you can also rely on the Better Business Bureau to provide a list of BBB-Accredited financial consultants near Gilbert.

Finally, Barron’s maintains a list of top-ranked financial advisors in Arizona that you can find here.

Check Your Choices Out

Schedule meetings with the best candidates and discuss your circumstances in depth. Tell the financial planner exactly what your plans are, and then carefully listen to his answers. Take copious notes and compare the answers each financial planner gave to your queries. With diligent effort, you’ll find the right planner to keep your retirement plans on track.

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