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Gilbert Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Caring for a loved one can be a difficult job, especially for someone who does not have much prior experience in the matter. This can leave people feeling burnt out, stressed, and even suffering from their own health concerns because of it. It is important for caregivers to take time for themselves on occasion so they do not experience these negative side effects on their own well-being. Respite care programs and adult day care options are available in Gilbert for this reason.

Features of Typical Respite Care Programs

Typical respite care programs have a variety of features and offerings available that ensure seniors are receiving what they need. One important feature is the inclusion of mealtime. Seniors that are at the center for the day will usually receive breakfast and lunch, as well as a snack. Meals are healthy and nutritious to meet dietary needs.

While seniors have the opportunity to explore some activities on their own, there are also set times for specific recreational choices. There may be an hour timeframe for arts and crafts in the morning, and a half hour session for exercise in the afternoon. It is up to the facility directors to decide which activities are set throughout each day. Seniors are encouraged to participate but are not always obligated to do so.

Providing Adult Day Care and Respite Care in Gilbert

Preferred Care at Home of East Valley is one of the adult day options in the Gilbert area. It opens at 7 a.m. and allows seniors to stay until 6 p.m. This ensures they receive a full day’s worth of social interaction and activities.

Nearby in Mesa is Oakwood Creative Care. There are day clubs available that enhance the mind, body, and spirit. Those with cognitive challenges are all encouraged to come and participate. Creative arts, music and memory, woodworking, and fitness classes are all possible activity choices at Oakwood.

The Perfect Place Adult Day Care is another nearby option. It offers a faith-based environment that works to nurture participants and provide them with a sense of community. Educational challenges, entertainment, and more are offered.

Associated Costs of Care and Who Pays for It

The associated costs of adult day care varies from one location to the next. The state of Arizona actually sees a higher average cost than that of the rest of the United States. It could cost $80 per day on average for the services offered at an adult day care. The national average falls below $70.

The person who requires the care is often the one who pays for it. The caregiver may also be responsible for the fees if that is the agreement that was made. Whoever the responsible party may be they will have to pay the daily price at each visit. There may be options available that will help lower the costs, but a large portion of the price will still have to be paid out of pocket.

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