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Gilbert Nursing Homes

The decision to move into a nursing home facility is never an easy one. The stress of leaving familiar surroundings and having to downsize your belongings while losing much of your independence can be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the inevitable process of aging will often make it necessary for seniors to take advantage of the professional medical care and services that a nursing home offers. Gilbert seniors are lucky to have some outstanding nursing homes in and near Gilbert.

Desert Cove Nursing Center is ideally situated across the street from the Chandler Regional Medical Center and focuses on rehabilitation with around the clock skilled nursing care. Desert Cove Nursing Center maintains comprehensive in-house rehabilitation and nursing teams to create personalized treatment plans for every resident, focusing on the senior’s individual needs and goals.

Generations at Agritopia offers seniors suffering from the effects of memory disease with a nurturing and dignified resident environment that provides the specialist care that degenerative memory disease needs.

Mariposa Point of Gilbert is another memory care community conveniently located across from Mercy Gilbert Hospital for easy access to critical medical care 24 hours per day and seven days per week. While Mariposa Point provides comprehensive memory care, they also accommodate seniors who aren’t suffering from this illness.

Fast Facts on Gilbert Nursing Homes

According to Centers for Disease Control's Nursing Home FastStats, the Arizona Partnership for Long-Term Care, and Long-Term Care Basics:

There are 20 different nursing home options available in Gilbert, Arizona

The average stay in a nursing home is about 36 months

Two-thirds of seniors 65 years of age and over will need long-term care at some point in their lives

According to 2015 figures, there are 146 certified nursing facilities in Arizona

20% of seniors 65 years of age and older will need more than 4 years of nursing home care

How Long Can You Expect to Stay?

Many factors will determine how long someone can expect to stay in a nursing home. For example, the seriously and chronically ill will frequently have shorter stays than the average. Women, on average, live longer than men and can also plan on a longer than average nursing home facility stay.

Apart from long-term residents, nursing homes also accommodate seniors who are recuperating from hospital stays. Often, with care and rehabilitation, many seniors can be restored to independent living. Seniors who are taking advantage of a nursing home as a halfway point between the hospital and returning home usually have much shorter stays measured in weeks rather than months and years.

Respite care is an extremely short-term stay for seniors. With respite care, a full-time caregiver can take hours or even days off from caregiving duties so they can take needed personal time.

What Services Can I Expect?

Nursing homes offer a plethora of critical care services for seniors who are much less independent than when they were younger.

Seniors will receive prepared meals that are appropriate for their health condition and nutritional requirements. Nutritionists, chefs, and a staff of food service employees will be on staff to ensure that mealtime is an enjoyable part of the day.

Residents will be given ample opportunity for social interaction with community areas, open group dining facilities, outdoor spaces, and even libraries in some facilities.

Although different nursing homes will have their own unique offerings, they will all provide seniors with entertainment, day trips, classes, and other enjoyable activities that are intended to keep their minds active and engaged.

Many facilities will have regular pet-therapy visits and even groups of children who will visit for important holidays and to enjoy Halloween trick-or-treats bringing youthful laughter and joy to the nursing home’s hallways.

Some facilities will have amenities like barber shops and beauty parlors, movie theaters, and pools for swimming, exercise classes, and aquatic therapy.

What are the Nursing Home rates in Gilbert?

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey demonstrates that the monthly average cost of nursing home care in Gilbert is approximately $6300 per month for a semi-private room and just under $8000 per month for a private room.

These figures are only the median cost of nursing home care; your actual costs will depend on many different variables.

There are very luxurious options for care that will include very spacious private rooms and an extraordinary level of service, amenities, and care. Luxury, of course, comes at a high cost.

Seniors can investigate all the options available in the area they wish to live in and decide what trade-offs if any, they are willing to make to bring costs for care within their budget.

Even a relatively “bare-bones” nursing home still provides professional medical care, essential help with daily activities, and opportunities for healthy diversion and socializing.

In any event, there is a large enough selection of nursing homes in and near Gilbert, which seniors should be able to find the right combination of service, amenities, and cost for the resources they have at hand.

What Should You Look for In Your Gilbert Nursing Home?

As you begin your search for the right nursing home facility for your needs, start by conducting online searches to determine which nursing homes are in the area you want to live in, and discover any reviews that others have written describing their experience living there.

You’ll want to visit each facility on your list and speak with the residents living there and the staff as well. Make sure that the facility is clean, well-maintained, and pleasant to be in. Try out the food served in the dining room and use the recreational facilities to see if it’s all to your tastes.

Speak to people you trust who have experience using nursing homes in Gilbert and learn about their experiences, listen to their advice, and learn about their recommendations.

Finally, use online search to discover more information about the specifics of moving into a nursing home, reference the Better Business Bureau to learn about a home’s reputation, and visit the Arizona Department of Healthcare Services website to find out more about the nursing homes you are considering.

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