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Funeral planning is a difficult subject for most people, but necessary to consider. The inevitability of death means that everybody will have to deal with funeral planning for a loved one at some point in life.

The time to learn about what Gilbert, Arizona funeral planning entails is not after the death of a loved one, but long before. When grief clouds your judgment, you will be vulnerable to a convincing salesmen and unscrupulous funeral directors.

You need to learn how to navigate the process of finding a funeral service provider that provides quality service at a reasonable price.

This article will serve as an introduction to your rights under the law when dealing with funeral service providers. Read on to learn how to find a good funeral home, what options you have when planning, and how to use the internet to make the process easier.

Rules, Regulations and Your Rights

As a funeral services consumer, the state and federal government guarantee you a number of rights.

By law, you have the right to know a funeral home’s prices upfront. Funeral Parlors must provide a comprehensive list of prices to anyone who asks.

Rely on the Federal Trade Commission to protect you with a law that requires funeral homes to sell you products and services as you wish them; you are not required to purchase a package to buy an option they offer.

Use Arizona law to get a run-down of fees the funeral home charges before sitting down to discuss arrangements.

More Rights as a Gilbert, Arizona Consumer

There are important rights that you have when you’re purchasing funeral services in Gilbert.

You can choose any container you want for purposes of cremating the body; you are not required to use a casket sold by the funeral home.

Buy a casket or urn from any business you want and have the funeral home use it; the funeral home cannot restrict your freedom to use the casket or urn of your choice regardless of the vendor.

You can decline to have the body embalmed; regardless of your reason, the funeral home cannot require you to have the body embalmed.

The funeral home cannot embalm the deceased without your express permission.

Why Not Use an Online Tool?

Familiarize yourself with the funeral planning process, be inspired by themed funeral packages, and quickly navigate a complex process using an online planning tool. The Dignity Memorial Funeral Network website has an online funeral planning tool that can make a hard process easier. Use this tool as a good introduction to the factors involved.

Use Other Online Resources to Find Funeral Homes

The Better Business Bureau has been a trusted resource for many years. Use the list of BBB-accredited businesses on their website to start your list of candidates.

Use the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors & Embalmers to verify the funeral home’s licensing status and other information.

It’s Important to Control Costs

Don’t let grief push you into unwise financial decisions; keep your budget in mind when planning funeral arrangements, and don’t be taken advantage of.

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