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It’s not easy to navigate the hazards of personal finance. There are so many choices to be made in the course of daily life; one wrong move could affect your lifestyle for years.

Although you may think you’re fully capable of managing your finances and investment strategy, few of us have the time or inclination to be good at it.

Whether you’re trying to purchase the right insurance, invest for your retirement, or even plan your estate, you’ll do better with professional advice.

A financial planner can help guide you to the best financial products and investments for your goals. A competent planner will let you worry about making money, and present the best advice on how to make the most of your assets.

There are lots of competent financial planners in the Gilbert, Arizona area that can help you.

Use a financial planner to relieve the stress and doubt of managing your money. A planner will keep you on a firm footing for the future.

A Good Time to Start Looking

If you lack experience using financial planners, you should find one as soon as you can. Get started maximizing your investments right away. If you have a planner already, use the next scheduled meeting to review your financial position, discuss recent changes and update your plans for your current circumstances.

Planners are Easy to Find Online

Fortunately, it’s easy to begin your search for a planner using available online resources.

In Arizona, the Better Business Bureau directory of accredited businesses has a directory listing financial planning consultants.

Use the searchable database on the CF Board of Standards website to search for planners by compensation model, location, or specialty.

You can also try asking people you trust for their recommendations.

How to Find the Right Planner for You

Before you trust someone with your personal finances, you should check them out thoroughly. Check any financial planner’s credentials on the CFP Board of Standards convenient search tool. Using this tool, you’ll find out the planner’s current certification status, and if they’ve ever been disciplined, and any bankruptcies they may have filed in the last decade.

Find out if the Financial Planner is a Fiduciary

A fiduciary is a financial planner who is required by law to look out for your financial interests first. With a fiduciary, you can be confident that your financial advisor will handle your investments the best way for you.

Compensation Models

One thing you need to look into when choosing a financial planner is their compensation model. A financial planner is paid in different ways, some options being better for your circumstances than others.

A fee-based compensation model is when the planner is paid a small percent of the money managed for you. This compensation model favors the client since the planner is paid more or less according to his performance.

A commission based planner is paid by the financial product companies he represents. This may not be the best way for your interests.

A commission and fee-based planner typically also sells commission based insurance products.

A planner may also be paid by the hour.

Meet with your planner and discuss your goals and concerns. You’ll both work together to move your finances in the right direction.

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