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Gilbert Estate Sales

An estate sales company can ease the burden of emptying and selling a loved one’s possessions due to a move into a nursing home or death. You will find several estate sales companies and appraisers in the Gilbert-Mesa area.

The Estate Sales Process in Arizona

When choosing an estate sales company, you will want one in the Gilbert-Mesa area that is licensed and insured. Estate sales companies earn commissions from the estate’s profits from a sale or auction, so you will want the services of an appraiser certified through the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) to ensure a fair value sale price.

Most companies provide a free on-site consultation to estimate the worth of the estate and begin the process of photographing and documenting each piece. The estate sales crew will clean and organize the items to prepare for the sale. The marketing and advertising professionals will list the sale on estate sales directories, social media channels, and their own website. Companies, like Desert Finds, may send an email to their subscriber base or call specific collectors about pieces. Some companies prefer to hold live online auctions during the sale and advertise weeks in advance with photographs.

An estate sale usually lasts from one to three days, however, larger estates can hold a sale for one to two weeks. The company manages the cleaning, coordinating, and financial transactions during the sale. When all sales are finalized, you should receive an updated inventory list as well as a list of items remaining and charitable organizations accepting donations. Some companies in Arizona offer to remove the remaining items for you and will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

The estate should receive a check minus commissions and fees in a few weeks after the sale concludes. The exact time period should be listed on your contract with the estate sales company. If not, consider discussing the payout with the manager before beginning the sales process.

The Service Fees for Estate Sales in Arizona

Estate sales companies charge a percentage of the net proceeds from the sale. This amount can be 10 to 25 percent but may be higher if the estate sales professionals are required to do more to prepare for the sale, such as heavy cleaning.

Since most companies do not charge for the initial consultation or charge only a small fee, the estate sales crew will try to sell the estate’s items for the highest possible price to increase the estate’s total profit.

Locating Professional Estate Sales Services in the Gilbert Area

You can locate estate sales companies and appraisers, such as Mesa Auction and Furniture, on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for Central, Northern, and Western Arizona’s website as well as on senior care directories.

The ISA hosts a database of certified appraisers in the area. The database currently lists eight appraisers within 25 miles of Gilbert. The ASA also hosts a database that lists more than four dozen appraisers in the State of Arizona.

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