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Caregiving in Gilbert, AZ

Being a caregiver is a tough job. It’s emotionally and physically demanding, and in order to stay healthy as a caregiver, it’s important to have care connections in the community that can help with the task. Here are some ways that caregivers in Gilbert can lighten their load and places to find assistance when you need it.

Where to look when you need a short break

The best way to ensure that you don’t develop burnout is to plan regular breaks and time away from your caregiving responsibilities. This can keep you healthy and renew your energy for the task at hand. Here are some suggestions on how to take a break locally.

To help minimize time-consuming daily tasks, you can hire a concierge service to deliver goods or services, like groceries, to your doorstep.

To take a break during the day, you can find a local adult day program that offers state-licensed caregivers who will assist your loved one and provide them with a hot lunch while they’re onsite. If your family member or loved one has dementia, you can look for a program that has trained staff who can provide for their needs. You’ll pay a median per day of $88 in the Phoenix area, which includes Gilbert, for adult day care.

Contracting a homemaker or home health aide who offers in-home respite care for a loved one who is homebound or unable to travel to an adult day program is a good way to guarantee they are safe and supervised when you’re not home. You’ll pay a median of $125 for homemaker and $134 for home health aide services.

Residential respite care is available as a short-term care option in many care facilities like Sunrise of Gilbert and Solterra Senior Living. Expect to pay a median of $114 for an assisted living facility and $262 for private nursing home care per day.

The Area Agency on Aging Region 1 for Maricopa County has a 24-hour senior helpline that can help you find services and care facilities in your community. You can call them at (602) 264-HELP. Additionally, offers searchable listings of facilities in Gilbert and includes reviews of the properties by caregivers, patients, and information on pricing.

When you want to talk to someone who understands

As a caregiver, it can be hard to talk about your daily challenges with those who don’t also provide care for a loved one. Peer support groups are a good way to connect with others like you in the area, share ideas, and find support. Here are a few suggestions on where to look to connect with a group nearby.

The Alzheimer’s Association of Central Arizona holds monthly support groups in Gilbert for caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients.

The Area Agency on Aging also runs a Family Caregiver Support Program in the county that includes support groups in cities throughout the area based on a variety of specialties including diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, as well as special interest groups like a LGBT Caregiver Group.

Stepping away from being a full-time caregiver

Life changes can affect your ability to provide care to a family member or loved one. If you find yourself in the position of taking a new job, moving or having a new baby (to name a few), you may have to look for alternate care options like a nursing home, assisted living, or full-time live-in home care. In Gilbert, you can ask for help with that decision.

The Senior Source has abundant community connections and their elder care specialists can point you towards resources and senior case managers to help you decide what care transition is best for your loved one.

It’s important to utilize the help and resources available in the community to share the load of providing your loved one with care. This prevents burnout and gives a better quality of life to both the person that you’re caring for and yourself.

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