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What’s the Cost of Living in Garland, TX?

The cost of living in any part of the United States is an important consideration for anyone on a fixed income. Retirees have a particular concern with the cost of living since they need to stretch limited funds to last the rest of their lives.

Relocation can be the best solution for people who need to make their retirement money last as long as possible while maintaining a good standard of living.

Garland, Texas, while not the least costly region to live in, has much to recommend as a retirement destination. Read further to find out the cost of living and the amenities available in Garland. Let’s see if Garland makes sense as a destination for you.

Transportation Costs in Garland, Texas

The cost of transportation in Garland is slightly more expensive than the national average, but still relatively low. Gas prices in Garland are reasonable; a gallon of gasoline will cost you between $1.40 and $2.00 per gallon. Of course, as a retiree, you won’t be making a daily commute. This will mean considerable savings in gas, insurance, and wear and tear on your car.

Regarding auto insurance, Garland rates are somewhat lower than the national average. All these being equal, your rates will likely be lower in Garland than in many other parts of the country. Of course, your rates will be calculated on your driving history, make, and model of car, and other factors, so this will vary widely.

Housing Costs in Garland

Rents and home prices are rising nationwide, but Garland, Texas is still priced just a little lower than the national average. If you plan on selling up, and buying a home in Garland, the average mortgage is a little less than $900 per month. Home prices are on average $116,000, making Garland a great place to buy if you’re selling a home located in many, more expensive parts of the country.

Rents in Garland are equally cost-effective at $950 per month to live in a decent neighborhood. If you need to save more of your retirement money, Garland is a great choice for lots of retirees.

Food Costs in Garland

Food prices in Garland are at the national average. A quart of milk will cost about $0.75 and a dozen large eggs will cost $2.40. Boneless chicken breast is $3.90 per pound on average.

Senior Care Expenses in Garland

Nursing home costs in Garland are below the national average. While nationally a semi-private room will cost about $81,000 per year, the same accommodation in Garland will only cost $57,000 per year on average in Garland. Something to seriously consider if you’re looking ahead to the possibility of needing full-time care as you grow older.

Compare Costs in Garland and Your Home State

Ultimately, you’ll need to compare the costs in your home state with costs in Garland and see if the move makes sense for you. With careful calculation, you’ll be able to make a decision that will provide a secure retirement future for you.

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