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Top Garland Senior Discounts

Retired seniors tend to have a lot of time on their hands and what better way to spend that time than exploring Garland? While it might not be the biggest city in the Metropolitan area, there are plenty of things to do. As a senior, you can enjoy museums, attractions, and entertainment all at a discounted rate. Here are just a few of the things that are discounted or free:

1. Audubon Park

Garland is known for its numerous parks, and all of them have something fun to offer everyone who visits. Audubon Park has picnic shelters, playgrounds, restrooms, and plenty of spots to sit. While the park is free, there is a swimming center here that costs a small fee to get in.

2. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Located in Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden features over 20 different gardens throughout the grounds. You can see plants from all over the world, take a self-guided or professional tour through the grounds, and even host a party or private event on the grounds. They also have different events throughout the year that will feature seasonal plants and lights.

3. Lake Ray Hubbard

If you’re a fan of being outside all day, then the activities at Lake Ray Hubbard are for you! You can fish, rent a boat, swim, and relax. There are also numerous beaches and trails for you to walk or hike. The park itself is free, but there is a fee to rent equipment like boats or water skis.

4. AMF Garland Lanes

Bowlers can head to Garland Lanes and enjoy the Early Bird Special Sunday mornings from 9 until 12. Each game is $1.99, and that doesn’t include shoe rental. You can also join a league and get discounts on games, rentals, and food.

5. The Garland Landmark Museum

This museum is housed in the old Santa Fe Depot and features artifacts from early settlers of the area. You can learn about the history of Garland and Texas and take a step back in time to see what life was like during historical times. The museum is free to the public, but it’s only open Saturdays from 10 am until 2 pm.

6. Garland Historic Walking Tour

If you want to learn more about Garland and get out and explore the city, then the walking tour is perfect. You can learn about early settlers, see how the railway impacted society, and view historic landmarks along the way. The tour is free, all you need to do is download the hand guide.

7. Rowlett Creek Preserve

The Rowlett Creek Preserve is another of Garland’s pristine parks. It features over 16 miles of walking and biking trails as well as covered gazebos and restrooms. Most of the trail is smooth riding, but there are a few patches that are better suited for more advanced riders. Like all the parks, the preserve is free to the public.

8. Resistol Hat Factory Tour

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of Texas is the cowboy hat, and many of them are made right here in Garland. You can visit the Resistol Hat outlet and see where they make the hats for most of the country. The store is free unless you purchase a hat, and the tour has a suggested donation of $5.

9. Bankhead Highway

The Bankhead Highway was the second transcontinental highway in the United States. It helped bring goods and materials into the south as well as sell the products made here in Texas to the rest of the country. You can visit this historic landmark free of charge.

10. Spring Creek Forest

The Spring Creek Forest is ideal for any nature lover, and you can find a lot of different things here. There are various herbs and plant life, fossils to be found, and wildlife to spot. You can visit the forest for free and set up a guided tour to learn more about the area.

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