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Garland Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Your productive years don’t end just because you’re retired. Retirement is a chance to look into whole new areas of experience. Try volunteering to keep your mind sharp and your life interesting. You’ll meet new people and find many opportunities to extend yourself intellectually and physically.

Garland, Texas is full of volunteer opportunities to make your retirement years a time of new experiences, skills, and giving back to the community.

Read on to see some of the volunteer options available in the Garland area.

Animals Need an Advocate

The Pet Adoption Center in Garland needs help to carry out their important work. They need volunteers to help with the pet adoption process, to walk dogs, and help with administration and other important shelter activities. Visit to find out how you can volunteer.

The Garland Police Department Volunteers in Policing (VIP)

The VIP program of the Garland Police Department makes use of the time, expertise, and commitment of civilian volunteers to help the police better serve the Garland community.

Volunteer and help provide fingerprinting services for the Police Department or be a uniformed volunteer riding in a marked police car on Vacation Watch checking the homes of Garland citizens on vacation.

If you enjoy working on cars, the Garland Police Department needs volunteers to help maintain the squad car fleet. You’ll check fluid levels, lights, brakes, and transport vehicles needing repairs to the city garage.

As a Garland Police Department volunteer, you can enjoy knowing that your efforts are making a difference in the lives of Garland, Texas residents.

Help Out at Baylor Health

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Garland can use your help. Volunteer at Baylor Health and take advantage of a variety of interesting opportunities. Learn new skills as you assist the medical staff. Help patients and their families through the stress of illness and injury.

Before you start, volunteer program representatives will interview you and find out what skills and experience you have to offer. Pass a background check, tuberculosis test, and immunization verification and enrich the lives of Baylor Health patients and staff.

Volunteer at the Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is a Texas landmark, and they always need dedicated volunteers to ensure that zoo patrons are properly served. You’ll have the chance to learn interesting skills and work with exotic animals.

As a Dallas Zoo volunteer, you can get involved in conservation and research helping to care for their plant and animal collection.

The Dallas Zoo doesn’t require any experience in zoos or aquariums. You will receive free, thorough training. As a zoo volunteer, you can experience amazing wildlife up close.

This is a Small Selection

This is only a small selection of the volunteer possibilities available to you in Garland. Use online searches to find even more options to help out in Garland. Your skills and experience don’t have to go unused while there are public and private organizations that need help. Find something that you’re interested in and find somewhere you can help by pursuing that interest.

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