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Garland Veterans Benefits

Veterans have access to an array of benefits in exchange for serving in the military. However, taking advantage of these benefits can be confusing. Fortunately, vets in Garland have several local resources to help them in going through the process of finding housing programs, job-search services, and medical benefits, such as substance abuse and mental health programs.

Health Benefits Programs for Garland Veterans

Veterans Affairs (VA) offers health care benefits that many veterans are unaware they are eligible for. Any veteran with active duty service who was not dishonorably discharged can enroll in VA health care. This includes Reservist and National Guard vets who completed a service period that was federally ordered. Applications are separated by priority group.

Support services for family caregivers of vets, geriatric care, hospice services, home-based care, and women’s health programs are all provided by nearby Dallas VA Medical Center (VAMC). The mental health services provided by Dallas VAMC include trauma and substance abuse programs, geriatric psychiatry, and treatment for memory problems.

Housing Benefits for Vets

Veterans and their families can find a long list of state and federal long-term care, home, and land programs by visiting the website for Dallas County Veteran Services. They include:

Property tax exemptions for vets with certain disabilities connected to their service

Discounted home improvement loans for eligible vets

An easy to search list of approved Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) Veterans Housing Assistance Loan Program lenders

Texas State Veterans Homes – the nearest one to Garland is in Bonham

Step-by-step instruction on how to apply for federal VA home loans

The county can assist you in finding emergency aid when you or a veteran in your family is at risk of becoming homeless or is already homeless. Also, military spouses and widows can get help with applying for benefits through Dallas County.

Another housing solution for veterans with daily care needs is the VA’s Medical Foster Home program. The Dallas VAMC administers the program for the area. Caregivers are vetted and take veterans into their private local homes where they supply transportation, help with daily activities, prepare meals, and include the vet in family life.

Other Garland-Area Resources

The VLB of the Texas General Land Office takes great pride in serving Texas vets and going above and beyond what is found in most federal programs. Each year, the VLB hosts benefits fairs across the state so that veterans, spouses, and other family members can learn about what resources are available to them. You can catch the 2017 Dallas Veterans Benefits Fair at the Dallas VAMC on June 3rd. Go to the VLB Events page for the most current benefits fair schedule.

A few other groups that can assist you in finding veterans’ benefits are the Texas Workforce Commission, the Dallas Veterans Resource Center, and the Texas Veterans Commission. For nearly half a decade, Garland-area vets have found work, continued their education, found housing, and applied for health care with help from the Veterans Resource Center.

When older vets and their qualifying spouses are looking for work, they can get priority services from the Texas Workforce Commission. There are two Workforce Solutions offices in Garland and much more throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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