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Garland Senior Living

Retirement comes with a lot of different changes like spending more time with your family, and finding new hobbies. You might also need some extra help with things that used to come easily. Your health needs could change, and if you’re looking for some assistance, there are plenty of resources right here in Garland. From in-home health care to assisted living facilities, there is something for every senior’s needs, and you can learn more about it in this guide.

How Much Will Senior Care Cost?

Senior care costs in Garland and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex come close to national averages and in some cases are lower. According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, in 2016 the annual average for a private room in a nursing home was $92,378, and in the Dallas area, it was much less at $73,913 per year. Semi-private rooms were also less in Garland coming in at $54,933 while the national average was $82,125.

In-home health care tends to be a little bit more around here, though. Assisted living came in at $44,440 per year while nationally it was $43,539. Homemakers and home health aides both cost about $45,760, which is the same as the averages and adult day care was less at $15,730 compared to $17,680. All of these costs might seem high, and you might be worried about being able to afford care, but remember, these are just averages for the area. You can find the care you need that also fits your budget.

There is one more set of numbers you should keep in mind when it comes to the cost of senior care. While these prices might be in line with national averages now, all of them are expected to increase over the next five years. Home care will still be less expensive but the cost will rise 2% and adult day care could see an increase of 6% over five years. As you plan your care and your budget, keep this in mind.

Senior Living Options In Garland

The baby boomer generation is starting to retire and because of the sheer volume of older people in the country, senior care services are growing and expanding. More options mean you can find the exact type of care you need as well as find services that you can afford. You can choose from assisted living facilities, independent lifestyle communities, or nursing homes. You can even build a care plan and stay in your home as long as possible; it’s all up to you.

Options For In-Home Care And Community Services

You have your pick of in-home care options in Garland and the surrounding Dallas area. If you want to customize your care plan, here are the choices you have.

Homemaker services are for seniors that need a little extra help with their household chores. Providers like Homewatch CareGivers and Heavenly Angels Personal Care of Garland will come to your house and assist you with things like cooking, cleaning, and personal care such as bathing or any other grooming needs you might have. Many of these providers serve a large portion of the Dallas area, but make sure you call to see if they serve your neighborhood.

Home health aides are a little bit like homemakers, but instead of taking care of your house, they can take care of your medical needs. Often, they are nurses or nursing assistants and can help you if you’re recovering from a long illness or have just had a surgery. They can check your vital signs, monitor your condition, care for wounds, and help administer medication and more. Aging Gracefully In Home Care and Caring Senior Service are just two of the providers in the Dallas area that can help seniors in Garland.

Adult day care is another option for seniors that need a place to go during the day. Most programs include at least one healthy meal, activities, and chances to socialize with other senior adults. You can also find programs that meet specific medical needs such as dementia care, cancer care, or even diabetes care. This is also a good option for seniors that need supervision but have no one that can take care of them during the day.

Concierge services have taken off in the past few years and seniors are benefiting from being able to get help with the things they need. You can go to sites like Favor, TaskRabbit, Rover, Handy, or Porch to find assistance with everything from pet sitting to house cleaning to grocery pick up to home repairs. If you only need help with a few things and don’t want care 24/7 concierge services might be a good option.

Questions For Home Care Providers

Because these people will be in your home and among your things, you want to make sure you choose the most reliable providers and caring workers. Here are just a few questions you should ask as you begin your search for in-home care:

Do they have the proper insurance and are they bonded?

Does the company perform background checks or screenings for their employees?

Do they provide training for their workers?

Do they have backup plans if something happens due to illness or weather?

If you have to leave home, are there transportation services available?

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care In Garland

If you would rather go somewhere else for your care, there is no reason you have to stay in your home. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes provide many different care options from hands-off independent lifestyles to full 24/7 memory care services.

Independent communities are often called retirement villages or senior communities. In these places, you will have your own home or apartment and don’t have to have someone caring for you all the time. These communities also provide amenities like fitness centers, daily outings, golf clubs, and more.

Assisted Living isn’t quite like a nursing home, but they can provide more care than an independent community. There are often nurses and doctors on staff that can help you if you have a medical or health issue.

Nursing homes are for when you need to have constant medical care, like immediately after surgery or if you have a disease like cancer or Parkinson’s. Doctors and nurses will care for you and can provide services like therapy and other skilled care.

Dementia Care is for seniors that have memory loss or have Alzheimer’s. These facilities provide extra security to minimize wandering as well as activities that enhance cognitive skills and function.

Questions For Assisted Living And Nursing Homes

What amenities are included in the cost of each community?

Are there services you can add for extra fees?

Is there a continuum of care in place or will you need to move as your needs change?

Can you use outside services, such as concierge services, while living there?

Paying For Senior Care

Depending on the type of care you need, you might be able to find some financial assistance. Social Security payments can help with things like independent living communities as well as retirement savings accounts. Medicare can help low-income seniors, and if you’re a veteran or married to a veteran, you might be able to use your VA benefits. Reverse mortgages could also help pay for care, but make sure you meet with a financial advisor to understand all the risks.

Events, Resources, And Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re looking for things to do now that you’ve reached retirement, Garland has plenty to offer. Not only are you close to cities like Dallas and Fort Worth that have plenty of opportunities for entertainment, but you can also check out the Garland Senior Activity Center. Every day they have events that will allow you to get out of the house and socialize. You can also find plenty of senior resources like important numbers or places that offer a senior discount. For older seniors that want to volunteer their time, the Garland County RSVP is a great place to start.

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