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Garland Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Respite care and adult day care are two options available in Garland. Whether you work regularly and need to place your loved one with a caregiver for the day, or simply need a day away from your caregiving duties, these services are available to you. Each option provides care throughout the day to seniors who need regular assistance.

Expectations of Respite Care Programs

There are several things you can expect from typical respite care programs. First, you should know that meals are usually provided. You can leave your loved one at the center for the day and know they will have meals and snacks provided. Just lunch may be offered, or those that go from early in the morning to evening will also receive breakfast.

You can expect a nurse to be available while your family member is at the center. They will regularly check on your loved one and ensure they are within good health throughout the day. They may even monitor vital signs if need be, and administer medication.

Numerous activities can also be expected. Your loved one will get to participate in an abundance of creative, physical, and social activities. Arts and crafts, chair exercises, field trips, card games, board games, and more are offered.

Providers of Adult Day Care in Garland

Several providers of adult day care are available in the Garland area. Scenario Adult Daycare & Day Habitation offers nutritional programs, therapeutic programs, and more through their facility.

Professional Caretakers is another option. This option does not allow you to drop off your loved one at a daycare facility. Instead, a professional comes directly to them, handling any care needs while you are away. You can simply hire someone for a day, or utilize his or her services regularly. They will help with bathing if need be, assistance in and out of bed, offer medication reminders, and even get them to perform a light exercise. This option is ideal for elderly residents who have a hard time even getting up and about on their own.

Friends Place Adult Day Services is located nearby in Richardson. It is typically open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m, providing a full day’s worth of activities and social interaction for seniors. There are specialized programs available for those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s as well.

The Costs of Care and Who is Expected to Pay

The costs of care are not that high in the Texas area. Roughly $35 per day is all it takes to get your loved one a meal, care from nurses, and time to participate in activities they enjoy. An entire year of services would only end up costing just over $9,000 on average.

Those that see this price as high may have a low income that makes it difficult to pay these extra expenses. In these situations, there are places that can help make these expenses more manageable. Medicaid and Medicare are two options that are federally funded, and often willing to help pay for care costs when necessary.

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