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Garland Nursing Homes

An inevitable part of aging is the eventual loss of independence. As seniors become less capable of withstanding the physical strain of independence, moving into a nursing home becomes a necessity.

While searching for a quality nursing home that fits the needs and preferences of a particular senior can be a complicated process, Garland seniors are lucky to have fabulous options in high-quality care within this region.

Mayberry Gardens pride themselves on offering a family-style living for Garland seniors. Seniors who need assistance, but not yet full-time care will enjoy the personal attention and sense of community.

Avalon Memory Care focuses on compassionate care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and related degenerative memory diseases. Regardless of cognitive level or degree of independence, Avalon Memory Care will provide respectful and comprehensive care for all residents.

Legend Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation has highly trained nurses and clinicians on staff to provide the special rehabilitative care that seniors who are recuperating from joint, cardiac or vascular diseases need. Legend Oaks offers a strong resident community and compassionate care for seniors. Garland, Texas has many other nursing home facilities, each with something unique to recommend it.

Keep reading to learn about nursing home expenses, services, and what to look out for when choosing a facility.

Garland Nursing Home Facts

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s Nursing Home FastStats, and Texas Long-term Care Partnership’s Long-Term Care Basics:

There are almost 50 licensed nursing home facilities in the Garland area and much more in the local region.

Statewide there are close to 100,000 seniors residing in nursing home facilities as of 2015.

Texas has over 1000 licensed nursing homes with a total capacity of approximately 135,000 beds.

Long-term care patients will require care for an average of 3 years.

1 in 5 seniors 65 years and older will need care services 5 years or more.

How Long is the Average Stay?

While the statistical averages presented above are clear, they’re still averages and the length of stay any individual senior can look forward to is subject to his or her particular circumstances.

Statistically, women outlive men by several years, so female seniors will frequently have a longer residence period. Seniors suffering from degenerative neurological diseases, cardiac difficulties, or cancer will have a correspondingly shorter nursing home stay than healthier seniors.

Not all stays in a nursing home are permanent; sometimes a nursing home is used as a short-term way to transition seniors from hospital care back to their homes. If, for example, a senior is recuperating from joint replacement surgery, a nursing home will be the most comfortable and convenient place to reside during the rehabilitative period.

Caregivers frequently devote their every free moment to caring for senior family members. A nursing home can provide invaluable respite care that gives overburdened caregivers a chance to step back and spend time taking care of their needs.

What Services do Nursing Homes Provide?

Nursing homes vary widely in focus and certain, unique services that they may offer residents, but all nursing homes have certain things in common.

As a step up from conventional 55+ communities and assisted living facilities, nursing homes will have highly trained medical staff on premises. As the name implies, a nursing home will provide the critical care that only a licensed nurse can provide:

Comprehensive wound care that includes changing dressings, examining the wound for changes, bed sore prevention, and bed sore care.

Routine physical checks like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, temperature, and body weight.

Help managing your medication schedule and rehabilitative routines.

Residents of nursing homes will receive assistance with important daily activities. Bathing help, meal assistance, and help using walking frames and wheelchairs are a small sample of the service that residents can receive.

Meals are prepared to strict nutritional guidelines and cooked by a professional staff that makes meals as tasty as they are nutritious.

Nursing home residents will have their need for social connections taken care of with a wide variety of fun and interesting activities, day-trips, classes, and entertainment.

The Cost of Nursing Home Care in Garland

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the median cost of care in the state of Texas is almost $6000 per month for a private room and approximately $4500 per month for a semi-private room. The cost of care in the Garland, Texas region is very close to the statewide median cost.

These numbers only reference the average cost; nursing home care costs will vary widely depending on many different factors.

Larger rooms and more amenities will raise the cost of care significantly, as will certain locations in the Garland/Dallas area. Conversely, nursing homes that offer less “extra” may cost much less than the state average.

What Should You Look For in a Garland Nursing Home?

There are many different services and amenities that you’ll find as you begin your search, but there are certain things that all good nursing homes should have in common.

Your first question should be, “is this facility properly licensed/certified?” Nursing homes must meet stringent requirements to provide care in Texas, and you want to ensure that the nursing home you’re considering is in compliance.

Next, look over the living and community spaces to make sure the facility is well maintained and kept clean, safe, and comfortable. Speak to the residents who have been there a while and ask what their experiences have been.

Speaking to people you know and trust about the experiences they have had with any particular nursing home is a good idea. Friends and family can be much more forthcoming about what they really think about a certain facility.

Look online to find reviews of the nursing homes on your short list. Online reviews can be a fantastic insight into what the quality of life is like in different nursing homes from the convenience of your armchair.

You may also want to speak with the Texas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services to inquire about any specific nursing home.

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