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Garland Hospice Care

When you reach the end of your life, you should be surrounded by the ones you love, and be as comfortable as possible. Hospice care services can make this happen by taking care of your physical and emotional needs and caring for your family even after you’re gone. Hospice can be provided in your home or a facility but no matter where you decide to get care, Garland has some great options. So if your doctor has suggested hospice care or you want to learn more, here are the important things you should know.

Hospice Care Team

You will have a team of people caring for you when you choose to use hospice care. Some will be medical professionals others will be trained volunteers, but all of them will serve an important purpose in your care.

In charge of everyone on the team is your doctor. They will work closely with the hospice director to make sure you’re getting the care you need. Your doctor will coordinate all the team members, and if your condition changes or you need additional care, they will make sure to make changes.

You will also have nurses or in-home health aides if you’re at your house that will work with you daily. They are there to make sure you’re comfortable and will report back to your doctor if you need new medications or palliative care.

A homemaker will also come in to help with things around your house like laundry or meal prep and to handle other errands, so you and your family don’t have to do them.

Because this is such a difficult time, it is important to care for your emotional needs as well. A counselor, clergy member, or social worker will be available to handle all of these issues for you and your family members.

Many providers also have trained hospice volunteers to help with running errands, respite care, and listening when you need to talk.

It is also a good idea to have friends who can be on your support team as well. They might help with things around your house or run to the store when you need something but having people you’re close to help can mean a lot.

Finding Care In Garland

You have a few options for hospice care in Garland and if your doctor doesn’t have a provider they want you to use you can look in a few places. The Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization has a directory online that lists all providers so you can find one near you. Veterans should look at the VA health system to know their hospice options.

You can also check because they have both in-home and facility care options and you can read reviews of each place from current or former customers. Places like Grand Brook, Brookdale Club Hill, and Rittenhouse Village at Spring Creek all offer hospice care.

How Can I Pay For Hospice Care?

Most private insurance companies will have hospice care covered in their policies, and if you have Medicare, Part A covers hospice care. Eligible veterans can look to their VA benefits and find approved providers for in-home or inpatient hospice care. Hospice providers will also often work with seniors who have a limited income. You can ask if they have a sliding-scale fee so you can get necessary care that will fit your budget.

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