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Garland Funeral Homes

Memorializing a loved one after they’ve passed on can be an emotionally draining process. There are many quality funeral homes in Garland, Texas that will guide you through the process of a dignified funeral service and burial.

You must remember that the funeral home is not a public service, but rather a for-profit business that will be acting in their own best interest. It is in your best interest to know what laws and regulations the funeral home must abide by, and what rights you are entitled to as well.

What You Need to Know

It isn’t wrong to be concerned with price. According to federal and state rules, the funeral home is obligated to reveal the prices they charge, whether by phone or in print.

A La Carte

Federal Trade Commission law says that you can purchase the arrangements you wish, rather than be forced to purchase a funeral package. No funeral home can force you to buy services that you don’t need. So, look over the list of options and choose the most appropriate ones for your loved one and your budget.

Texas law provides additional protection for Garland residents. According to the law, a funeral home must give clients a complete price list for every service they offer before discussing arrangements with you.

More Rights That You Have

As a funeral services customer, you have several important rights including the right to a written price list of all services and items you have decided on, and the right to use the container of your choice for cremation.

Additionally you also:

Have the right to use a casket or earn you’ve purchased somewhere else.

Have the right to refuse embalming (Texas law requires your permission first).

Try the Dignity Memorial Online Tool

Use the Dignity Memorial Funeral Network online tool to familiarize yourself with the process by perusing sample funeral plans. The Dignity Memorial online tool can help make purchasing funeral arrangements an easier process and it also lets you price and plan funeral services.

Which is the Right Funeral Home?

The best time to find the right funeral home for your needs is before your loved one has passed away. Ask friends and family if they can recommend a good place. Use online searches to assemble a list of funeral homes near you that could be good choices.

Research Your Choices

Once you’ve put a list together, it’s time to check them out. Use the Better Business Bureau website to verify if the Garland funeral homes you’re researching are accredited.

Use the Texas Funeral Commission website to check their license status to ensure that the funeral home is legally certified to provide funeral services.

Don’t Break the Bank

Decide on what type of funeral service you want, and what items you feel necessary, and how much you can afford before speaking with a representative. Once you have a firm idea about what you need, and what you can afford – stick with it.

Don’t make the mistake of adding financial duress to the emotional strain of losing your loved one. Follow these guidelines and a difficult period may pass without undue stress.

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