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Garland Estate Sales

After a family member dies or moves, it can be surprisingly hard to deal with their possessions. Due to the sentimental value of their things, people who are grieving may not see eye-to-eye on what goes to whom. When there is a mountain of items to go through, the issues can be exacerbated.

According to a 2014 Los Angeles Times article, the average household in our country has about 300,000 separate items. If your family members liked to collect things or have items around “just in case,” you may have more belongings to sort through and sell or give away. When there is simply too much stuff, a reputable estate liquidator can help. This is especially true when you do not know how much their stuff is worth. The professional handles everything. You just take the items out of the home that you want to hold onto.

Estate Salespeople Help Before, During, and After the Sale

Estate sales professionals can handle large homes faster than you and are experienced at selling your loved one’s possessions for the highest possible price. Futures Past outlines the entire process online. Essentially, they begin with a walk-through of the home, then they perform a detailed appraisal and price the items worth selling. Many of the estate sales professionals are also certified appraisers, and when they have been in business in the Garland area for several years, they know local consumers’ preferences and budgets.

Estate sale experts host sale previews, clean and arrange sale items, and promote the sale. To show you how much work goes into estate sales, ClutterBlasters posts photos of what is available online.

On the sales day(s), the estate sale team may auction off some things, handle transactions, offer security, and help buyers. You can be onsite to watch during the sales, but you may want to be elsewhere while your family member’s possessions are sold.

If there are things left over after the sale, the liquidators can recommend local charities that will pick up your remaining items. The executor of your loved one’s will gets the sales information. Finally, the estate sales professional will give the estate a check for the money made from the sale within a few days of its closing.

Are Estate Sale Liquidators Expensive?

You may have to pay an hourly rate to have an estate sale professional perform a walk-through and evaluate your things to see if a sale is merited. Some liquidators offer this service for free. Though the costs vary by company, you can expect to pay 35 percent or more of the total sales to your estate sale team. If the house is cluttered or needs cleaning before the sale, the fees may be even more.

Where to Locate Garland Estate Sale Companies

Talk to your family member’s lawyer or your own attorney for local suggestions. Check reviews online. On the Better Business Bureau of Dallas and Northeast Texas website, there are three BBB-accredited estate sale professionals listed in Garland. Look for businesses with American Society of Appraisers or International Society of Appraisers certification. Ask for references, and be sure to interview several providers. Lastly, get a written contract that outlines the timeframe of the sale, the process, and the fees.

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