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Garland Demographics and Lifestyle

Garland is a diverse city with more than 1,800 veteran-owned businesses and a large bilingual population. You will enjoy the warm weather and natural wildlife found in Garland during your retirement.

Coming Home to Garland

If you are a veteran, you may want to consider retiring to Garland. Out of the total estimated population of 236,897 residents, as many as 10,798 are veterans. There are approximately 1,822 veteran-owned firms in the city if you are thinking about starting a small business after retirement. The United States Census Bureau reports that the city has experienced a 4.4 percent increase in the population since 2010.

The city is slightly more diverse than some other communities. In Garland, 57.5 percent of residents identify as White, 14.5 percent identify as Black or African American, 37.8 percent as Hispanic or Latino, 9.4 percent as Asian, 3.3 percent as two or more races, and 0.8 percent as American Indian or Alaska Native.

Of those residents born in another country, 27.4 percent of the population consists of immigrants, and a large percentage (47 percent), speak a language other than English at home.

Garland’s Weather in a Typical Year

The average annual temperature in Garland is 64.7 degrees. During the winter months, the temperature can drop to the mid-40s. During the summer, you may experience temperatures in the upper 90s.

Garland receives an annual rainfall of 41.70 inches, slightly more than the state average of 35 inches. In a typical year, Garland receives very little snow, if any. If the city does experience snowfall, it is averaged to receive less than one inch that may occur during a few hours.

You can count on the city’s humidity. The annual average humidity is 78.27 percent with percentages reaching much higher during the spring and summer months.

The City of Garland has a CodeRED and Weather Warn System to alert residents of potential dangers. When you register your phone number with the system, you will receive a pre-recorded message regarding the emergency and instructions on what you should do next. You may receive a warning call or message during a Silver or Amber Alert, flooding, utility outage, chemical leak, gas leak, or evacuation notice. Make sure your phone number is updated in the system when you move to Garland to ensure you receive these calls.

Garland’s Natural Beauty

In Texas, there are 10 regions where varieties of plants and trees grow. The species vary between each region. Garland is located in the Blackland Prairies region. This region consists of a total of 12 million acres and is home to oaks, pecan, elm, bois d’arc, mesquite, buffalograss, Texas grama, lotebush, big and little bluestem, indiangrass, switchgrass, Texas wintergrass, and tall dropseed.

With more than 540 species of birds and 142 species of animals in Texas, you will want to plan for hikes in the Garland area. You do need to be on the alert, however, for poisonous snakes as the state is home to three varieties of copperheads and 11 varieties of rattlesnakes.

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