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Caregiving in Garland, TX

As the population in Texas ages over 65, so do a number of caregivers. If you are a caregiver, you know it is a full-time commitment. Not only are you challenged physically; your mind is exhausted as well. Taking much-needed breaks can help you regain energy and strength. You deserve it. Worried about finding the right care? Don’t be. There are plenty of resources in Garland to assist you whether you want full-time care, part-time care or some services. There are several options offered by private agencies, the government, and support groups to fit your needs.

Finding the right amount of help

Don’t let finding help get you stressed out. That’s the last thing you need. There are plenty of options available to you.

Senior-specific services are offered through Texas Health and Human Services and include programs such as transportation, personal care, getting a home ready for senior living, education and more. Garland offers area seniors additional programs for their homes including repair assistance, home buying assistance, and housing protection. Senior recreation centers for individuals over the age of 55 are also available to provide activities, lunch, leisure, and wellness activities.

In Texas, adult day care averages around $24 a day. These programs typically offer a hot lunch, fun activities, and personalized care aimed at senior wellbeing. In addition, there is a chance to socialize with other seniors.

In-home care is for those who are unable to leave the home or unable to be transported. A health aide will assist your loved one with daily activities in his or her home to help this person function daily. The average cost for these services in Texas is around $119 a day.

Look into respite care

To find some programs available through the state government, visit Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service website. In nearby Dallas, there are also some other resources for your loved one to remain active.

Eldercare provides area-specific recommendations for services by searching for your city. Programs and agencies assisting with long-term care, health insurance counseling, legal support and other aging resources will be listed in the search results.

Support groups available for the caregiver

A great help to many caregivers is to find and meet with other caregivers to bounce ideas and get referrals for services. In Garland, there are several support groups that can help you find others who are experiencing the same thing in life.

Additional help is available

For those who need more care, there are other assistance programs through the Texas Health and Human Services. There are a lot of options available to you and your loved one in Garland. You can find a program to meet any need.

You need a break. Don’t get stressed finding help when there are so many resources available. Being at your best allows you to provide the best care you can. This means taking breaks and accepting much-needed help.

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