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Social Security for Fresno Seniors

Reaching a certain age comes with quite a few benefits such as getting more respect, gaining wisdom, and receiving Social Security benefits. One of the best ways to learn more about the benefits you are eligible for is to contact the local Social Security office. Residents of Fresno can get a replacement Social Security card, apply for benefits, and even see the status of their existing Social Security application.

The first step is to find the office in your local area.

Your Local Fresno Social Security Office

In the city of Fresno, there are three different Social Security offices. These are located at:

Fresno Social Security Administration Office located at 5140 E. Olive Ave. Reach by phone at (866)-366-4918.

Fresno Social Security Administration Office Locust Ave located at 640 W Locust Avenue. Reach by phone at (866)-931-9041.

Fresno Social Security Administration Office Fulton Mall located at Fulton Mall. Reach them by phone at (877)-311-2640.

Each of these offices provide you with the information necessary to handle a number of common issues that you may face when it comes to Social Security benefits.

Seniors – Important Information about Available Social Security Benefits

The majority of seniors utilize Social Security benefits to cover the costs they are going to incur when going into long-term care. The fact is, this is one of the most common source of income for seniors once they reach retirement age. In addition to the basic benefits, there are quite a few other benefits that seniors can take advantage of.

Meeting the requirements is one of the first things that a senior needs to look into. Once they meet the established requirements, they may be able to access a number of different services including:

SSI or SSDI benefits Veteran’s benefits Meal and housing assistance Work assistance (for those who are under the age of 65)

When a person receives confirmation that they are approved to begin receiving benefits, their checks will come directly from the federal government. Once they have been distributed to the recipient, there are no rules or regulations regarding how these funds must be used.

Online Resources and Tools for Social Security

For some seniors, the ability to actually go to an office is hindered due to mobility or transportation issues. However, there are others who simply don’t want the hassle of having to wait around at the local office. This is when the online resources that are available can be quite beneficial.

One of the most beneficial online resources is the My Social Security account. Here a person can access all their information, update their name and also learn about all the benefits that relate to their Social Security Account.

For those who want to have their benefits deposited directly into their bank account, they can utilize the GoDirect tool.

Taking the time to learn about the online tools will help you save quite a bit of time and effort when it comes to handling Social Security related tasks.

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