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Fresno Rehab Centers

Many people are under the mistaken impression that once you move into a nursing home, you are there until your final days. However, short-term rehab is the main reason that about 33 percent of residents are there, and they are free to leave once they are done. You or a loved one may be one of these short-term nursing home tenants if you ever require skilled nursing or daily therapy after an illness, surgery, heart attack, accident, or stroke. Here is what to look for in a rehab center, info about Medicare coverage rules to prepare you, and what to expect when your doctor prescribes rehab.

Services Offered by Rehab Facilities

Also called transitional rehab, short-term rehab, and post-acute rehab, these centers have one goal in common: to get you or your family member in good enough shape to return home. First, they assess your condition and needs. Next, a daily care plan is created based on this information.

Your needs will determine your care plan. For example, knee and hip replacement patients will focus on range of motion, balance, strength, and post-operative pain management. Stroke survivors require cognitive therapy, speech therapy to recover speaking skills, and treatment for impaired balance and muscle control. Rehab patients get services five to seven days per week depending on when therapists are available.

Where Do You Receive Rehab?

Numerous nursing homes and assisted living communities in Fresno provide rehab. For instance, three of the highest rated Fresno senior facilities on offer rehabilitation services:

The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens offers rehab services that are specifically designed to help you recover from illness, surgery, or injury.

Valley Care and Guidance Center provide assistance with personal hygiene and health needs, perform daily assessments, and accurately dispense medication.

Golden Living Center has a number of local facilities that offer rehab services with the goal of helping you recover.

Get recommendations for rehabilitation placement by talking to your geriatrician, physician, or hospital social workers. Plus, friends and neighbors who have been through a similar experience may be able to point the way to quality rehab centers. And, be sure to check out online review sites to see what former patients and their family members are saying about different facilities.

How to Pick a Rehab Center

Just like with a senior living facility, the ideal rehab center will have a friendly setting, a well-kept and clean atmosphere, a good track record for state inspections, and a great reputation among staffers, patients, and their family members. You should also make certain that the facility is Medicare or Medicaid certified.

How Is Rehab Paid for?

Medicare will cover your short-term rehab when you meet the following criteria:

You have days left on your Medicare Part A coverage benefit period.

Select a Medicare-certified rehabilitation facility.

Need rehab services in an inpatient setting at least five times a week.

Were treated in an inpatient hospital for at least three days in a row for a condition that requires rehabilitation.

Have a physician’s orders for reasonable and necessary skilled rehab care.

If you do not qualify for Medicare coverage, you may still be able to use Medicaid benefits or long-term care insurance.

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