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Fresno Neighborhood Guide

As the fifth largest city in California, Fresno is home to diverse residents that make for a rich culture of neighborhoods throughout the area. Not only is it home to the historic Tower Theater and the surrounding urban entertainment district, but it also has options for retirees seeking the comfort of luxury living, or the quiet life in a charming suburb.

The neighborhood at the heart of Fresno

Central Fresno is essentially the downtown city center of the area. Ranked by real estate website Movoto as a top neighborhood for retiring seniors, it offers affordable California living with a number of nearby shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. With many amenities within walking distance from the home, Central Fresno is an appealing option for retirees who are no longer driving. It’s also conveniently located nearby the Community Medical Center, and the area has gone through revitalization in recent years.

Live the Fresno suburb life

Woodward Park, ranked amongst Movoto’s top five picks for retirees, and also as the number one most desirable neighborhood by the AreaVibes website, is a suburb on the north end of the city that offers higher-end homes and a much lower crime rate than what you’ll see in the rest of the city. While it’s not as walkable as some of the other neighborhoods, it has a strong infrastructure of public transportation, making it easy to get around town. It also has convenient access to Fresno Surgical Hospital, one of the leading healthcare providers in the area.

The second best-ranked community in Fresno, Bullard, is perfect for a retiree searching for some peace and quiet. Like Woodward Park, Bullard has a reasonable cost of living and a low crime rate, but the 12-square mile neighborhood has significantly less population density than many other areas of the city. Fewer people means more open space, and more time for relaxing in retirement. The nearby health care, shopping, and entertainment options make it a popular pick among older adults.

Which neighborhood is best?

It’s possible we mentioned your dream retirement scenario in Fresno, but it’s possible that exactly what you’re looking for wasn’t on our list. Luckily, there are several search tools online that can help you narrow down possible neighborhoods in the area to find the right one for you.

AreaVibes has information on every neighborhood that you’ll find in Fresno. They have them divided by the best and largest neighborhoods and offer a snapshot of each when you click on the link to each community. You’ll find details on information like amenities, home value, crime rate, cost of living, and you can compare neighborhoods in the area to see which has everything you’re searching for.

Another helpful search tool can be found on the Street Advisor website. They allow residents to upload helpful reviews about neighborhoods in the city, and then users can search through the reviews for communities that are a good fit using many different criteria like people, price, personality, things to do, and other options like cost of living.

There are many great options for an ideal retirement situation in Fresno. Have fun locating the one that matches your vision.

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