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No matter how hard we try, we can’t all be great at managing our finances. As we get older, our finances can become increasingly difficult to keep under control. In these situations, a financial advisor’s help can prevent your finances from getting out of hand and help you ensure that you have money saved as you enter retirement.

Finding a trusted financial adviser in Fresno, California does not need to be difficult, you just need to know what to look for and where to look. This guide can help you understand the importance of a financial advisor and what they can do for you.

The Right Time for a Financial Advisor

There is no set age or financial situation where a financial advisor is recommended. The help of a financial advisor can be beneficial through various areas of life. Finding a financial advisor that you trust and enjoy working with should be a priority for any individual serious about maintaining their finances as they age.

Financial advisors may also be recommended for individuals with a number of investments or someone going through major life changes, such as marriage, having children, big moves, or making major purchases.

Qualities of a Good Financial Advisor

Because the needs of a financial advisor will differ from person to person and situation to situation, qualities of a good financial advisor can change depending on what you are looking for. But one thing that remains through all situations is that you will only want to work with a financial advisor who meets accreditation and certification standards.

You should also look for a financial advisor who will listen to what your unique needs are. Since each person’s saving and investing ability will differ and the end goals will change, you want someone who does not try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Finding the Right Financial Advisor

To find a trustworthy financial advisor in Fresno, you will want to go through credible sources like the Better Business Bureau or the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards.

With the BBB, companies must comply with standards, guidelines, and requirements if they want to see their businesses listed online. Similarly, the CFP Board website can allow you to search for an advisor using many different criteria, including your location, specialties, or pay method.

The method of which your financial advisor is compensated for their time will depend on the level of attention and work you need with your financial portfolio. If you’re only looking for the occasional check-in to cover your budgets or planning, you can hire an advisor on an hourly rate. For long-term advising, there are typically three ways that your advisor may be paid:

For investment management services, your financial advisor is likely to be paid on a fee-based payment method.

If you’re looking for insurance products or policies, the financial advisor you work with may receive a commission from the financial institution providing the insurance.

For both investment and insurance advising, your financial planner can receive both fee-based and commission payments.

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