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Fresno Demographics and Lifestyle

Fresno offers that rare combination of city life with all its conveniences while being surrounded by national parks and lush green valleys. Seniors in search of a place to call home where they can retire will enjoy the temperate climate and abundance of daily sunshine. Here’s an overview of the Fresno area community and the many wonderful things that the city has to offer.

Getting to Know Local Fresno Natives

The number of local natives that call Fresno home is just under 500,000 per population estimates compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Census. About 50% of residents self-identify as white, and approximately 47% are Hispanic or Latino. The remainder of the population includes lower percentages of Asian, African-American, American Indian, and Alaska natives. Women account for almost 51% of the population with about 10% of residents being 65 years of age or older.

Fresno is widely known for its cultural arts and activities and is home to a wide variety of local galleries, studios, and arts organizations. Local attractions include the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno Philharmonic, and the Meux Home Museum. The Fulton Corridor and the Mural District within the downtown area of Fresno features public art and public murals from local artists.

Local Weather and Climate in Fresno

Fresno, California is located within the San Joaquin Valley region of the state. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range borders the eastern side of Fresno with the Coast Range extending around the western portion of the city. Seniors that call Fresno home get to enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine annually. Average temperatures range from lows of 38 degrees during the winter months to high temperatures reaching into the upper 90’s during the warmer summer months.

Fresno does not have an extensive history of natural disasters although California and select regions within the state have experienced droughts, fires, mudslides, and earthquakes over the years. The City of Fresno has an Emergency Response Plan in place to protect and inform its residents in the event of natural or manmade disasters or events. The American Red Cross has a regional headquarters office located in Fresno that provides emergency assistance including temporary housing and clothing.

Discover and Enjoy Fresno

Fresno is home to an annual fair that takes place each autumn during the first few weeks of October. Attractions include onsite concerts and entertainment, delicious food, a carnival, competitive exhibits, educational programs, sporting events, and much more. After the fair ends, many events continue to be scheduled on the grounds throughout the year, so the fun and excitement continues and never ends.

The Flea Market and Swap Meet is ongoing and provides the opportunity to find hidden bargains and snag great deals on featured items being sold by local vendors. The Fresno County Historical Museum is another hidden gem waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Highlights of the collections include “pieces of memorabilia like tractors, cars, and wagons,” as well as pieces from the Fresno Historical Society.

The Fresno area offers an abundance of local attractions and activities. The area is home to several national parks, gardens, and lakes, and offers local natives a wide selection of restaurants and shops to enjoy. The Fresno Convention and Visitors Bureau has an extension collection of online resources posted on their site to help local seniors plan their daily excursions as they explore and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

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