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Financial Assistance for Fresno Seniors

California can be an expensive state to live in, especially during retirement when you don’t have a steady income. If you or a senior in your life does not have the financial ability to cover necessities such as housing, maintenance, food, or more, here are a few agencies, organizations, and communities that may be able to help you.

Financial Help for Food and Groceries

One of the best resources for seniors in need of help with food or groceries is the Meals on Wheels program in the Fresno area. For seniors who qualify, Meals on Wheels delivers a hot lunch every day of the week. Qualifications for the service include being over the age of 60 and unable to cook for themselves or without assistance for cooking during the day.

Various community centers around the county also offers a lunch for seniors on weekdays, which require a reservation made the day before you hope to come in. Centers in the Fresno area include:

Lafayette Neighborhood Center – 1516 E. Princeton Ave. | (559) 222-8574 Mary Ella Brown Community Center – 1350 E. Annadale Ave. | (559) 488-1501 Mosqueda Community Center – 4670 E. Butler Ave | (559) 454-2652 Senior Citizens Village – 1917 S. Chestnut Ave. | (559) 456-8173 Ted C. Willis Community Center – 770 N. San Pablo Ave. | (559) 621-6742

At these locations, seniors over the age of 60 are welcome to enjoy a free meal. For other individuals or guests, there may be a small fee to cover the meal’s cost. Donations are always welcomed and accepted.

Financial Help for Housing and Maintenance

The Fresno Housing Authority has a number of programs in place to help low-income individuals meet the financial demands of rent or a mortgage or even find emergency housing when necessary. The Fresno Housing Authority also has senior housing available to individuals over the age of 62. Rent for these units will not exceed 30% of the resident’s income. The centers designated for senior living include Elderberry at Bethel, Firebaugh Elderly, and Wedgewood Commons.

Housing vouchers are also provided from the Fresno Housing Authority, allowing qualified individuals to receive assistance from the organization in paying for rent or other housing needs. The waitlist for these housing vouchers can be long and is frequently closed while the applicants are being reviewed.

Helping Hands, Transportation and Community

The Fresno Area Express, also known as FAX, reduces the cost of their transportation services to better accommodate seniors. For individuals over the age of 65, service for a fixed-route is only $0.60 while a monthly pass for seniors will only cost $24.

Seniors can also find community activities at senior centers in the area, including those that provide a hot lunch during weekdays. In addition to meals, these community centers offer classes for hobbies like art or language, host game nights, or even provide education opportunities for individuals in the area. Each senior or community center will have their own calendar of events, so check a few to find the best option for you.

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