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Top Fort Worth Senior Discounts

People who lived during the Great Depression will likely never forget the hard times they endured. They learned how to stretch their food and other supplies, wasting nothing so that they could make ends meet. Thankfully, the Great Depression ended and they enjoyed many more decades of prosperity and fruitfulness. In today’s economy, many seniors are pinching pennies and looking for discounts.

Advances in health care are allowing people to live much longer and many of our seniors do not have enough in their retirement funds and savings to enjoy that same level of prosperity into their retirement years. Unfortunately, retirement savings are running out and many seniors are forced to live on fixed incomes. It helps to look for senior discounts all around Fort Worth.

Movie Theaters

AMC Theaters has Senior Day on Tuesday for seniors 60 and older. Discounts vary based upon the showing.

Cinemark Theaters let senior citizens in for $5 on Mondays and discounts other days for $6.50 for seniors who are age 65 or older.

Landmark Theaters offer $2 off the general admission price for seniors aged 62 and older.

Studio Movie Grill lets seniors enjoy a matinee movie for $6.50-$7.25 and an evening flick for $8 and this one begins at age 55.

Pocket Sandwich Theatre offers $2 off the Main Stage performances from Thursday until Sunday for seniors age 60 and over.

Parks and Attractions

Dallas Arboretum gives $2 off a regular admission and $3.50 off on Thursdays for seniors over 65. They also give another 20% off of their purchases in the gift stores.

Dallas Museum of Art also offers $3 off a general admission for seniors aged 65 and older.

The Dallas World Aquarium delights all ages and is a value for seniors age 60 and over with an admission price of just $4.

Seniors will enjoy the Dallas Zoo with 20% off the admission price for seniors age 65 and older. Guests that opt to go on Wednesday get a full 35% off the admission price.

The Lone Star Park is one of the best values in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Seniors age 62 and older get in absolutely free every day of the week.

Firewheel Golf Park in Garland gives tee times for seniors age 60 and older on weekdays for $26 after 2 pm. Seniors can play a round on the weekend for just $31.

Retail Stores

Hallmark Stores gives seniors age 65 and over a 10% discount. The senior discount day varies by store, but it is usually on Tuesdays.

Kohl’s Department Store gives 15% off on Wednesdays for seniors age 62 and older.

Ross is a clothing store that also gives seniors age 55 and older 10% off.


Seniors age 60 and older can enjoy a meal at Applebee’s for up to 15% off the tab.

Corner Bakery is open for all day and gives 10% off meals for seniors ages 55 and older.

Denny’s gives a discounted senior menu with smaller portions for seniors age 55 and older.

iHOP also has a senior menu with smaller portion and gives them a smaller price.

Fuddruckers gives 10% off orders for all folks age 55 and older.

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