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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Fort Worth

Things change as we get older. Doctors tell us that frequently regarding our health, our body, and our overall appearance. Change can happen in employment as well, sometimes by choice and sometimes not. AARP conducted a study in 2015 showing that unemployed adults over the age of 55 can take longer than their younger counterparts to find new employment, may be paid less at their new job, and are likely to work fewer hours per week. There is rewarding work to be found for seniors, but it takes the right support network, time, and required skills to get the job done. If you’re in the market for a new job or are looking for employment opportunities, check out these Fort Worth-area resources for locating senior-friendly workplaces.

Community job resources for age 50 and up

The Senior Source is an employment organization that has been working with the greater Fort Worth area seniors since 1961. They offer a variety of employment services to adults over 50, including resources like career counseling, specific skill training, and networking services. Senior Source is also an advocate with local businesses and actively promotes the positives of hiring a more mature workforce.

Adults enrolled in the program are able to access job listings online, view live seminars on developing cover letters and resumes, execute flawless job interviews, develop a prominent social media presence, and utilize their job-hunting effort and time wisely. Senior Source’s services also include a support group for mature women searching for computer training classes.

Included in the volunteer programming portion of the organization, Senior Source pays a stipend to low-income seniors who do volunteer work with Senior Companions as company and assistance for local Fort Worth residents who are older and unable to leave their homes.

Job training reimbursement for low-income seniors

In the state, the Texas Workforce Commission’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides low-income Texans without employment around 20 weekly hours of paid on-the-job training. Those enrolled in the program work with not-for-profit organizations, state and federal agencies, and area public organizations like schools, senior centers, and museums to learn new skills.

The program goal is to prepare participants for a job outside the SCSEP after a year or two of training. Participants in the program will undergo a career assessment, receive a roadmap for their job training, any needed tutoring, and more. Possible positions could include things like a classroom aide, a provider of child-care, retail service, customer service, and shipping positions.

In Tarrant County, the program is administered by the SER SCSEP of Tarrant County at 1100 Circle Drive, Suite 100 in Fort Worth. You can contact them by phone at 817-536-3601 for more information on the program.

Other area opportunities for senior job seekers

Veterans without a job can get help through the TWC’s Fort Worth-area Workforce Solutions offices. TWC also assists veterans with summarizing their military skills and experience into qualifications that employers are looking for.

Senior caregivers may have the opportunity to earn a salary at the market rate for caring for a family member. The Cash and Counseling program provided by Texas Medicaid, the VA Aid & Attendance Pension, and some long-term care insurance offer options to seniors who need a caregiver to pay their family member for their assistance.

Being self-employed is something to consider as well. The Small Business Administration Dallas/Fort Worth District office has a number of resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, whether you’re looking to start up a home-based business or grow into a large multimillion-dollar operation.

With the plethora of options to help with training, support, and networking in Fort Worth, it’s easier than you might think to find the right workplace for your skills and experience.

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