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How Much Does Fort Worth Assisted Living Cost?

Making the move to assisted living is a big decision and one that should be carefully thought out in advance. Once seniors have moved to an assisted living facility, they are often surprised to learn that they are happier there than they ever thought possible.

Many seniors come to enjoy and appreciate the sense of community that assisted living provides. Assisted living offers seniors a nice balance of dining, activities, socialization, and medical care that is difficult to attain when living on their own.

Some seniors want to live as independently as possible, but they still need assistance with some tasks, like dressing, bathing, and medical care. Assisted living gives them the ability to live as independently as possible while giving them the peace of mind in knowing that they can quickly get medical or other assistance when they need it.

Understanding Assisted Living in Fort Worth

Assisted living facilities are licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) to protect Texas seniors in assisted living facilities. DADS also performs regular safety inspections and investigates complaints against facilities to keep seniors safe.

Fort Worth provides 23 assisted living facilities with varying amenities and services. Many Fort Worth seniors enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle because the weather is warm most of the year. Sr. Citizen Services is a nonprofit agency that provides wellness programs, meals, transportation, and fun for area seniors.

Texas has a unique program called, “Age Well Live Well” (AWLW), which is a collaboration between public, private, and nonprofit organizations that provide programs and activities to keep Texas seniors healthy and well.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has an offering of assisted living facilities to appease every budget. Beginning costs for assisted living units in the Fort Worth area start around $1600 per month. Seniors looking for a private unit with full amenities may pay up to $9000 per month.

The cost of housing in Fort Worth falls well below the national average, making Fort Worth an inexpensive choice compared with other large cities.

Comparing Facilities Step-by-Step

With so many choices and locations in Fort Worth, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for the best assisted living facility. Follow this six-step plan to get started:

Medical care- Will the facility respond to medical needs promptly?

Budget- Identify your funding source and establish a budget

Transportation- Is there access to transportation for activities and appointments?

Amenities- Does the facility offer the activities you enjoy and the services you need?

Tour- Do the facilities and programs measure up to their ads?

Weigh pros and cons- Chart the pros and cons and weigh the choices

Overall, consider whether your most preferred choices offer a balance of price, affordability, and value for your money. Try to forecast future needs as well as current needs. Be sure to ask about planning for living arrangements if your health worsens over time and you need a higher level of care.

Keeping Assisted Living Costs Reasonable

When assessing assisted living costs, dig a little deeper into the monthly fee to see what it includes. Every leasing agreement is different. Many of them include some, but not all utilities. Factor all the monthly expenses including extra fees for maintenance, meals, housekeeping, television and internet services before comparing final monthly expenses.

Ask if activities are all-inclusive or if you can pick and choose the activities that interest you most and pay for them individually. You may also ask if the facility provides free internet in the common areas of the building. Seniors who use the internet only occasionally can save monthly internet fees by using the facility’s computer rooms or free internet access areas.

Possible Assisted Living Funding Resources

Medicaid is the largest funder for assisted living in Texas. Not all facilities will accept Medicaid, so be sure to inquire about the types of funding that the facility will accept early in your search. The DADS program offers some financial assistance for in-home care. Veterans may find financial aid from the Veterans with Assisted Living program, which is funding that is in addition to regular pension funds. Many families find it cost-effective to sell or rent out the family home as a source of income. Reverse mortgages and eldercare loans are also possible funding sources. Since those options come with some financial risks, it’s wise to consult with a financial advisor that specializes in estate planning for advice before pursuing either option.

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