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Fort Worth Veterans Support Groups

As veterans grow older, their needs begin to change. With new illnesses, different living situations, or additional health restrictions influencing their life, they likely need new care providers, to find additional benefits to help cover costs, or just get in touch with some like-minded individuals.

Because Texas has one of largest groups of veterans living in their state, there are dozens of organizations and groups dedicated to helping veterans find the care they need. For vets living in Fort Worth, here are just some of the resources available to them at a local, state, and national level.

Local Resources Available to Fort Worth Vets

Veterans looking for medical care can find it at the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic. As part of the VA North Texas Health Care System, veterans can receive primary care, routine physical examination, laboratory testing, prescriptions, immunizations, preventative health maintenance, and specialty care and consults at the Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic.

Tarrant County also provides veterans services to individuals in the area. The Tarrant County Veterans Services Office can help veterans file a claim in disability compensation, non-service connected disability pension, widow or survivor pension, dependency and indemnity compensation, and help with appeals. They can also put veterans in contact with service providers and help with legal matters.

State Resources Available to Fort Worth Vets

Veterans living in Fort Worth can also receive assistance and benefits from the Texas Veterans Commission. Through helping veterans get the education, employment, representation, and benefits that they deserve and need, the Texas Veterans Commission ensures all Texas veterans are well taken care of. If veterans in Fort Worth are struggling to receive healthcare, the Texas Veterans Commission has created the Texas Veterans Health Care Advocacy Program to provide assistance.

National Resources Available to Fort Worth Vets

The Veterans of Foreign Wars can also be a great resource for vets in the Fort Worth area. While involvement in a VFW post can give veterans a better understanding of the benefits available to them and receive assistance applying for those benefits, it can also be a social opportunity to get involved with the community.

In Fort Worth, there are 4 VFW posts. Those posts include:

VFW Post #8235 – 5333 White Settlement Rd. | 817-731-8231

VFW Post #9190 – 5001 Old Denton Rd. | 817-281-3903

VFW Post #8911 – 4937 Mansfield Hwy | 817-478-9909

VFW Post #4695 – 118 Harmon Rd. | 817-282-9071

Because veterans are prone to developing mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fort Worth vets may benefit from connecting with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Tarrant County Chapter. NAMI can help veterans of any age through the struggles of mental illness and help them to gain back control of their life.

Recognizing Fort Worth Veterans

Each year, Fort Worth celebrates Veterans Day with a Veterans Day Parade. Groups of individuals who would like to be part of the parade are welcome to fill out an application. The parade begins at 10:30 AM.

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