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Fort Worth Veterans Benefits

Those who have served in the armed forces are often entitled to government assistance when it comes to housing, health, education and more. Several local resources are available to help Fort Worth residents figure out the VA claims process, from determining benefit eligibility to appealing decisions.

Veterans health care in Fort Worth

Do you qualify for VA health benefits? If you were a member of the active military who was separated under honorable conditions, or a member or the National Guard or Reserves, you can apply for health care benefits during the VA’s yearly enrollment period. Depending on your military service record, medical needs and financial situation, you will be placed into a priority group that will determine your eligibility for comprehensive VA health benefits.

Veterans living in Fort Worth are able to keep healthy thanks to the services of the VA North Texas Health Care System. Locals can visit the Fort Worth Outpatient clinic for routine doctor’s appointments, while the nearby Dallas VA Medical Center (VAMC) offers more extensive geriatric health services, rehabilitation programs and palliative care options. The Dallas VAMC also provides mental health and support services for veterans and their families.

Veterans housing programs in Fort Worth

Federal home purchasing loans and interest rate reduction refinance loans help thousands of U.S. veterans to afford housing each year by providing low interest rates. Federal grants are also available to help disabled veterans pay for home improvement projects aimed at making their house more easily accessible. The Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB) offers state-funded home loan programs for veterans, including the Land Loan Program, Veterans Housing Loan Program, and the Veterans Home Improvement Loan Program.

The state of Texas provides further opportunities for veterans to save on housing costs by exempting qualifying individuals from property taxes. Disabled veterans and their family members may be eligible for property tax exemptions based on the severity of the veteran’s disability.

Veterans who need daily assistance can find it at one of the VLB’s Texas State Veterans Homes. Eight facilities located throughout Texas provide compassionate, quality nursing care for veterans and their spouses. The Bonham Veteran Home is closest to the city of Fort Worth. Veterans who require 24 hour care may also be eligible to participate in the VAMC’s Medical Foster Home Program, which places disabled veterans in private homes with local caregivers. The program provides a warm, sociable and stable environment for veterans with complex or long-term health issues.

More benefits resources for veterans living in Fort Worth

Fort Worth veterans can contact the Veterans Coalition of Tarrant County, or VetCo, for assistance when applying to benefits programs. Veterans can learn how to access housing assistance, legal advice, educational opportunities or employment programs. VetCo also hosts regular events to benefit veterans and their families, including job fairs, fundraisers, social meetups and more.

The Texas Veterans Commission acts as an advocate for veterans living throughout the entire state of Texas. Trained claims counselors help veterans and their families to apply for the benefits that they have earned through service, including healthcare and housing assistance. The Commission also helps veterans to continue their higher education or find fulfilling employment in their field.

All veterans have valuable skills to offer when they rejoin the job market, but it is not always easy to transition back to civilian life. The Texas Workforce Commission helps veterans to increase their employability by matching their military skill set to civilian occupations. Veteran job seekers receive priority service at all Workforce Solutions offices.

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