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Fort Worth Nursing Homes

While most people do not look forward to the day when they have to search for a nursing home for an aging loved one, when the need does arise, Fort Worth has quite a bit to offer in terms of quality facilities. For example, Brookdale Tangle Wood Oaks offers memory care services in an enclosed and private community sitting amidst five acres of natural space. Also, Sunrise of Fort Worth offers a welcoming atmosphere that provides all the comforts of home. There are also quite a few other options available in the area allowing you to find a community that meets the specific needs of your aging loved one.

Here you will find a brief overview of the costs of Fort Worth area nursing homes and what to look for when choosing one.

Facts and figures about Fort Worth nursing homes

In the state of Texas, there were more than 93,000 seniors living in skilled nursing home facilities in 2014.

20% of people over the age of 65 are going to need long-term care for a period of five years, or more.

There is a total of 231 nursing homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Length of time most seniors need nursing home care

On average, most seniors need care for a period of approximately three years. However, since women usually live longer than men, they will typically need care for a few months longer than men. Based on the type of care or issues that the person is having or needs, the stay may range from just a few months to years.

There are quite a few people who think that nursing homes are only for seniors who suffer from major health issues or chronic conditions, however, this is not true. Most nursing homes also provide short-term care for seniors who may need physical therapy or who are transitioning from a hospital stay back to their own homes.

Services offered at the average nursing home

The care services offered at Fort Worth nursing homes are much more extensive than most people imagine. In addition to providing help with medical conditions, medication, and treatments, a number of other services are also provided for residents.

Meals, transportation, housekeeping and laundry services are also all provided to residents. The nursing home setting is designed to meet any dietary restrictions or specialty food needs a senior may have. Spiritual and social activities are also available to help keep residents connected to their community. In most cases, you can find things such as movies, pet visits, outings to local shops, celebrations for holidays, games and more provided in any nursing home setting.

What you will pay for nursing home care in Fort Worth

The average cost for a nursing home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a semi-private room was $56,940 per year and for a private room $78,475. These figures are higher than both the national average, as well as the state average. The cost of these rates is also continuing to go up and is expected to have a five-year annual growth of one percent. This may not seem like a lot, but it does add up when seniors need several years of care.

The actual price you pay will vary based on the size of the facility, location of the nursing home, and any additional services are provided. Options that have been Medicaid certified will have rates that are agreed upon with the Medicaid program. However, there are other locations that do not accept this form of payment, which is something to be aware of when making a selection.

Finding the best nursing home in Fort Worth for your loved one

Regardless of if your senior loved one needs just a few days of care, weeks or years, finding the right nursing home that provides quality care is important. Take some time to visit various locations in the area and see what life is like for residents. Sample the food and participate in activities. Also, speak with residents and staff members to learn about life in the location first-hand.

It is also a good idea to make sure that you look at online reviews for each facility that you are interested in. It can also be helpful to contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services to learn more about locations and services that are available for an aging loved on. Taking time to be informed will help you make an educated decision you are confident in.

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