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Fort Worth Neighborhood Guide

As a nation of pioneers, a little cowboy remains in all of us. Fort Worth has a rugged charm where our western heritage is honored and celebrated. Fort Worth is known as the “Cultural Capital of the Southwest.” As home to some of the most important works of art of the 20th century, Fort Worth has earned its title well.

Cultural District

Fort Worth makes it easy to experience the culture of the Wild West. Walk or ride a bike around the park and visit five museums where you can experience the history of art. The Cultural District is just west of the downtown area and has the finest collections of museums in America. If the museums aren’t enough, the cultural district is also home to the Will Rogers Memorial Center, the annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, and the Casa Mañana theater.

Back to Nature in Fort Worth

Fort Worth also offers lots of outdoor fun for seniors and people of all ages. The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas are worth a leisurely stroll. The animals at the Fort Worth Zoo will always put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for an afternoon that is even more laid back, the trails along the river in Trinity Park can’t be beat.

Living in Fort Worth

Regardless of whether you like stately homes, crafty bungalows, or urban hipster living, one of these Fort Worth neighborhoods is certain to be your cup of tea.

Downtown Fort Worth

The downtown area of Fort Worth is a hive of activity. The population is growing because it’s so easy to live downtown and residents are happy to meet their neighbors. Seniors will also appreciate how clean and safe the downtown area is.

Museum District

Residential areas are springing up around the Museum District. The area is quickly becoming a rival to the thriving downtown Fort Worth area. Housing options commonly range from condominiums to apartments. It’s a little pricier than other areas of Fort Worth, but seniors can find modest housing if they shop around a bit.

Fort Worth South

Artists have taken root in this neck of the woods in Fort Worth South and small businesses are springing up. The housing market is extremely affordable and those who live there would like to keep their up and coming area the best kept secret. If you’re not crazy about restored homes, several new townhome developments are being developed.

Arlington Heights, Monticello, North HIMount, and Crestwood

Lovers of bungalows will want to check out the homes on the near west side of Fort Worth. They’re so well built that they never seem to need restoration. This area is close to all the best restaurants, jobs, and other businesses downtown, while getting all of the perks of suburban living. It’s an area of quaint single family homes, luxury townhomes, and affordable apartments in a sweet edge of town. No one gets lonely here, where everyone knows their neighbors.

Berkeley, Mistletoe Heights, Park Hill

These areas have developed into an affluent area on the southwest side of Fort Worth. It’s very close to the downtown area where most of the housing consists of older, well-established homes that are kept in immaculate condition. Apartment dwellers will find their style of housing too.

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