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Fort Worth Hospitals

Regular health care is necessary throughout life, especially as people age and find themselves limited in what they can manage. Seeing a doctor regularly is the best way to ensure illnesses are caught early, and the aging process takes less of a toll on the body. Numerous hospitals are located in Fort Worth that offer special geriatric care.

Hospitals With a Geriatric Specialty in Fort Worth

Geriatric hospitals and hospitals that offer a geriatric specialty are both found in Fort Worth. Oceans Behavioral Hospital provides healing and long-term recovery to older adults and seniors. A safe, compassionate environment is provided to help healing. Twenty-four hour service is available so all patients are able to receive care as needed.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital (THHMH) has a special Senior Health and Wellness specialty. Direct Geriatric Assessments are performed to determine the level of care needed. These assessments include a nutritional assessment, medical history report, social evaluation, neuropsychiatric evaluation, and physical exam. Each of these components come together to provide a full report on each person’s health. This helps the doctor best determine the course of treatment.

There are also educational classes offered at THHMH. These are mainly provided to the caregivers of patients, but some patients themselves attend. The classes teach proper nutrition, fall prevention, exercise routines, and memory improvement. They also offer support during this time of struggle.

Another option is available at the University of North Texas Health Science Center. This center offers a variety of specialities, including geriatrics. All patients start with a health assessment. Those with dementia receive an evaluation and treatment. There are elderly well care check-ups, house calls, and visits to nursing homes.

The University of North Texas also offers a Department of Family Medicine. A geriatric specialist is available in this department as well. Patricia Connelly is a doctor of osteopathic medicine working within the department. Both family medicine and geriatric medicine are her specialties. The facility is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. An interpreter is available upon request for those who speak Spanish.

Allan R. Kelly is an MD that has a Private Practice of Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He specializes in geriatric care, and even travels to nearby nursing homes in the area to provide services. Dr. Kelly is specifically affiliated with Stonegate Nursing Center and The Stayton. He can sometimes be reached on the weekends, but otherwise suggests going to Harris Methodist Hospital or Baylor All Saints Hospital. He has staff privileges at both locations.

Learn to Locate Geriatricians in Fort Worth

Seniors in the Fort Worth area may find it difficult to discover a geriatrician. Learning to locate a physician within a specific specialty is necessary as people age. Each person needs to be able to find a specific doctor to meet their needs. Texans can locate the geriatrician they need by visiting Texas Health Resources and utilizing the online tool available. Site users are able to search by specialty, provider name, or zip code.

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