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Fort Worth Funeral Homes

This guide to choosing a funeral provider will come in handy and help to ease the overwhelming stress following the death of loved one. We have done all the research for you and have included some excellent resources and tools to help get you through the process of making all the necessary arrangements. Suggestions and tips on how to budget and save money are included along with a discussion of your funeral rights as a consumer.

Highlights of the Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Funeral Rule

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed a law in 1984 that protects the funeral rights of consumers when shopping for and using the services of a funeral home or similar provider. Known as the FTC Funeral Rule, the laws are effective toward the goal of giving consumers a choice, so they decide what types of features they want to pay for when making arrangements. Highlights of the FTC Funeral Rule include:

Consumers have the option of selecting and paying for separate funeral service features such as burial containers and memorial services.

Funeral homes may not require consumers to choose and pay for package service plans that include items they do not want or need.

Consumers have the right to provide a funeral home with their own casket that they purchased elsewhere. Funeral homes may not refuse to service consumers that choose this option.

Consumers do not have to use a casket for cremation services. Their options include alternative types of burial containers.

Funeral Service Provider Resources

We have selected several excellent online resources to help you find a good funeral service provider. Our top picks include Dignity Memorial, which maintains a nationwide network of more than 2,000 funeral homes and related service providers in the United States and Canada. There are several funeral homes and cemeteries in the Fort Worth area including Laurel Land Memorial Park and Shannon Rose Hill Funeral Chapel and Cemetery.

Another excellent resource is the online directory of funeral homes maintained by the Better Business Bureau Their listing of service providers includes several businesses accredited by the BBB that have a top A+ rating based on levels of customer satisfaction. Other top online resources that offer helpful information about funeral service providers include the Funeral Ethics Organization (FEO) that maintains funeral industry guidelines for all 50 states including Texas.

Alternative Options to Cover the Costs of Funeral Services

Viewing the list of available service features when making funeral arrangements can be confusing following the death of a loved one. Many of the items are unnecessary unless you can afford the expense of adding them to your bill. If you are on a budget, you can save money by selecting a less costly casket instead of going for the top-of-line model.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a helpful funeral checklist on their website that you can easily print off to guide you when making arrangements. As you look down the list, you will see how the costs can quickly add up. An excellent way to save hundreds of dollars is to skip the catered reception and let several close friends take care of the details by serving guests food at one of their homes.

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