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Caregiving in Fort Worth, TX

Seniors who need home health services require either personal care, medical care, mental health care, or some combination of care. Among other things, personal care requires assisting with bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, eating, and walking. Other daily care tasks that seniors need help with are grocery shopping, medication management, meal preparation, homemaking, laundry, and other errands.

Seniors need to continue socializing with family and peers as much as they are able, so it’s important to get them out to family events and senior activities so they can enjoy a high quality of life. Caregivers who need a little help in doing their jobs will find it in public and private organizations in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth United Way

United Way is a non-profit organization that works with communities to help them help themselves to grow stronger communities. United Way works in all of Tarrant County to provide services that seniors need in Fort Worth. Caregivers may contact United Way to find out more about the following services:

Benefits Counseling- offering free one-on-one counseling about Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s, QMB/SLMB, disputes over hospital bills, Food Stamps, and more. Get the process started by calling (817)-258-8125.

Long-term Care Ombudsmen- United Way connects caregivers with Long-term Ombudsmen who are tasked with resolving problems with nursing homes, skilled nursing units, and other types of residential facilities. An Ombudsman is a specially-trained advocate who can explain rights, resources, and procedures for all parties involved in a dispute. They identify, investigate, and resolve complaints of nursing facility residents. Call the Ombudsmen at (817)-258-8102.

Nutrition Programs- United Way and the Texas Area Agency on Aging offer information on senior nutrition programs like Congregate Meals at Senior Citizen Centers and Meals on Wheels for homebound seniors. Seniors age 60 and older receive hot meals at local senior centers. Seniors can also receive free health assessments, nutrition education, physical fitness, legal clinics, and more.

Caregiver Services- Caregivers can find out about respite care, counseling for the physical and emotional demands of caregiving, long-term planning, and issues regarding Medicare and Medicaid eligibility. This service offers helpful workshops for caregivers. Call (888)-730-2372 for more information.

Texas Department of Aging and Disability (DADS)

The state of Texas offers a strong program for aging adults, called DADS. Caregivers who call DADS will connect with a trained professional who can help them make an appropriate plan to meet their needs. DADS offers the following services and more:

Caregiver Support Help in raising young adults and grandchildren Daytime programs Education and employment Hospice Making the home accessible Medical needs Transition from an institution Personal Care 24 hour-residential

Seniors and caregivers that need individualized services can call DADS at (855)-937-2372 to help put together a plan.

SeniorAdvisor is private company that offers a comprehensive website of information for seniors from in-home services to nursing and hospice care. Find part-time, full-time, or occasional caregiving help from one of the 18 caregivers listed on their site. Read about their services, check their ratings, and read reviews from past clients. Use the search function to quickly find providers that offer the types of services that you need. Narrow your choices down by cost so that you can find a provider within your budget. awards senior providers with their annual “Best Awards” for providers who consistently receive high marks from consumers.

Sr. Citizen Services

The mission of Sr. Citizen Services is to empower older adults to live with purpose, independence, and dignity. It’s a non-profit organization that provides wellness programs, meals, transportation, and fun senior activities in Fort Worth.

In addition to meal and transportation programs, Sr. Citizen Services offers two valuable signature programs:

Health for Me - A six-session workshop that educates seniors about taking charge of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Seniors learn about healthy food choices, communicating with caregivers, and other self-care skills at area senior centers.

A Matter of Balance - Seniors have the opportunity to take an eight-week session at various senior centers to learn about managing falls, reducing falls, and improving strength and balance. This workshop builds confidence in seniors who fear falling in workshops that are highly interactive.

The senior community in Fort Worth is a vibrant and active group with a strong network of dedicated caregivers and providers. Often, getting connected to the senior network of families and providers is a matter of making that first call. Identify the services that your senior needs and begin putting together a care plan. As you meet other caregivers, you will certainly exchange valuable information about programs and services that help all Fort Worth caregivers.

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