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Social Security for Fort Wayne Seniors

Social Security is vital to your retirement livelihood. You can find nearby Social Security offices to help you with managing your benefits from simple tasks like replacing a lost or damaged card or more in-depth like helping you apply for Social Security and Medicare benefits. The office staff is there to assist you and answer your questions.  Along with visiting a local office, you can also call a specialized toll-free number or complete some items online.

Fort Wayne Social Security Office

The local Social Security office in Fort Wayne’s address is 2122 Lincolnway Court, which is on the Southside of Fort Wayne.  The main phone line is 1.877.223.6061. The TTY line is 1.800.325.0778.  The office is open Monday - Friday, with hours of 9-4 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The office is open on Wednesday from 9-12.

There is also another office in Auburn. To look for additional locations, add your zip code to the SSA’s online office locator.  Other local government agencies can help you with housing, food, and senior programs.

Social Security Services Available to Seniors

If you need a replacement card, need to change your name, apply for Medicare or Social Security, you can visit your local SSA office.  The Social Security office also handles several Medicare tasks and can assist you with getting a replacement card.

If you receive Social Security disability benefits and are under 65, you may qualify for the SSA’s free “Ticket to Work” program.  With this program, you are trained with new job skills while earning your disability pay.  Area agencies administer this program. To find an office near you or to learn more about this program, call the Helpline at 1.866.968.7842.

To learn more about Social Security benefits, you can request a speaker to discuss with your club, senior community, or another group.  Fill out the online form to apply for a speaker.  You can also request a translator to help explain benefits in any language.

Online Services

You don’t need to go to the office to handle a majority of Social Security items. Going to the office can be cumbersome. There are many things you can do online, so you wouldn’t need to leave your home. Here are some online tasks available on the SSA’s website:

Apply for Social Security benefits

Print forms

Request a replacement card

Calculate future benefits with the Retirement Estimator

Download and view your Social Security statements

Discover Social Security programs

Appeal a recent medical or non-medical decision

Review your status

You can also block online and phone access to your Social Security information if you need financial privacy.  To see all your Social Security benefits including statements and retirement estimates, create a My Social Security account. You can also change your contact information, update your direct deposit preferences, download a benefit verification letter, and request forms (SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S) for tax preparation.

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