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Medicaid in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Indiana seniors, rely heavily on the benefits of the state Medicaid program to access the critical medical care and nursing facility services that they need.

Over half of Indiana nursing home residents utilize Medicaid benefits to varying degrees. Medicaid will make it possible for Indiana seniors to access pre and post-surgical care and routine check-ups with a geriatric trained physician.

Fort Wayne seniors frequently require a complex medication schedule to maintain their health and independence; Medicaid will cover all costs associated with the necessary prescription drugs.

If you think that you need help paying for the medical care you need, or are worried that you will need the financial assistance that Medicaid will provide; then continue reading.

You’ll become familiar with: how to apply for Medicaid, who is eligible to apply, what medical services Medicaid will cover, and other valuable information.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Fort Wayne

There are many categories of people who are eligible to apply for Medicaid benefits in Indiana.

Seniors 65 years of age and older can receive Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home care, in-home care, and both critical and routine medical care.

Individuals who will be disabled for a minimum of at least one year can qualify for the Medicaid program. People who will need at least 30 days of continuous medical care will also be able to apply for Indiana Medicaid benefits.

All minor children who need medical care will also be eligible for Medicaid to cover the costs of care. Pregnant women are able to use Medicaid to get the pre and postnatal care they need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Illegal immigrants who need emergency medical care will also be able to apply for Medicaid for themselves and any minor children they have as family members.

Help with Your Fort Wayne Medicaid Application

The Medicaid application process in Indiana begins by filling out the online application. While the online application is straightforward, anyone who is having difficulties with it can contact member services 1-317-713-9627 or 1-800-457-4584. There is also a helpline maintained at 1-866-963-7383.

What Does Fort Wayne Medicaid Cover?

Indiana Medicaid will cover a wide variety of essential medical services. Seniors can use Medicaid to pay for comprehensive geriatric care services such as:

Diabetes and cardiac care services

Post-surgical rehabilitation programs to restore the highest possible level of independence after surgery

All kinds of diagnostic exams like x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans

The cost of prescription drugs

Additionally, Indiana Medicaid will pay the cost of nursing home care, in-home care, day programs, and dignified hospice care in the last days and weeks of life.

Travel to Fort Wayne Medical Appointments

Indiana Medicaid will provide free round-trip transportation to pre-scheduled medical appointments for program members. Indiana Medicaid recipients can visit the transportation services website to learn more.

Medicaid will also reimburse seniors and other program members if they choose to drive themselves or hire a taxi to get to medical appointments.

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