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How to Get Around Fort Wayne Without Driving

Sitting in the northeastern part of Indiana, Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in the state. There is plenty to do and see, if you have a way to get around town. Not all residents have a car to drive, leaving them stranded when they need to go more than a few blocks to a specialty store or restaurant. Rather than attempting the long trip by walking, you can use one of the transportation services available in the area. There are several to choose from that will get you where you want to be.

Fort Wayne CityLink

Plan your trip easier by using the city’s transit website. Based on your starting and ending addresses, as well as the time of day you want to leave, the trip generator provides you with any available bus routes for the given timeframe. Seniors over the age of 60 receive a discount on fares, ensuring you can afford to take the bus anytime. You can even purchase an all-day pass or 31-day pass for much less than the regular price.

Neighborhood Taxi

Ben’s Economy Taxi is one of the best-rated choices in Fort Wayne. Call (260) 440-4999 or visit their website to request a ride. Their fleet of minivan taxis can hold multiple patrons at once, or provide one person with a comfortable riding experience. There are low flat rates and fare discounts you can ask about when you schedule your services.


Uber employs drivers in Fort Wayne to get residents from one destination to the next. You can enter your trip details online and get a fare estimate before you book. To sign up to ride, you have to fill out a request form, revealing your name and phone number. You must then set up an email and password so you can create an account that will allow you to see your transportation details.

Home Health Transportation

Rather than trying to search for transportation, you can reach out to a home health care agency that employs people to handle any needs of seniors residing alone. Those needs often include getting transported to appointments, the store, on errands, or otherwise. BrightStar Care offers transportation services to those in need. Have your prescriptions picked up for you, get taken to entertainment events, visit friends and family, or make it to the doctor or therapy sessions.

Getting Transported Through Fort Wayne With Help

It may prove difficult to find transportation on your own. Rather than struggling to find a ride, get help getting transported through Fort Wayne. Various resources exist beyond the options mentioned above. Whether you need to get to the store, make it to an appointment, or just want to enjoy some activities throughout the area, you can find a way to get there without a car.

Reach out to the Allen County Council on Aging to see what their options are for seniors in need of a ride. They will have resources and volunteers available to help you get where you need. Visit the Council at 2927 Lake Ave or call (260) 426-0060 to speak with a representative.

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