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How Much Do Fort Wayne Nursing Homes Cost?

While no one will ever mistake Fort Wayne with Beverly Hills, you’re still in for sticker shock when the time comes to research nursing homes. Compared to the cost per square foot of the average luxury rental home, or the lease of a high-end sports car, the cost of a nursing home ranks way up there.

In Fort Wayne, nursing home care is well within the national average cost of care. Although the average cost of nursing home care in the United States is pretty high, with a little research you will find nursing homes that will cost much less than the average.

Of course, if you’re well off financially, there are also some pretty luxurious options in nursing home care that you can move into. Keep reading to learn about Fort Wayne, Indiana nursing homes, the services they offer, how much they cost, and how you can afford the nursing home care that you need.

Facts about Fort Wayne Nursing Homes

The average monthly cost of a private nursing home room in Indiana is an eye-watering $8,121 on average.

A semi-private room will only set you back about $6,400 per month .

A little more than 1.4 million seniors live in a nursing home facility as of 2014.

Almost 3% of the over 65 population live in a nursing home.

Almost 10% of seniors over age 85 reside in a nursing home, and women constitute close to two-thirds of nursing home residents.

Nursing Home Rates in Fort Wayne

It’s clear that nursing home rates aren’t economically priced anywhere in the U.S., and rates in Fort Wayne won’t be considered a bargain compared to many other places. As stated before, the monthly average cost of a private room in a Fort Wayne nursing home will set you back something north of $8,000. A semi-private room will cost considerably less at almost $6,500 per month; still a large financial commitment.

The good news is that these figures are only the average monthly cost in Fort Wayne. In other words, half of the nursing homes you’ll look at charge more than the average, and the other half will charge less.

The Fort Wayne region has dozens of choices in quality nursing home care at many price points. Depending on location, room size, and amenities, you’ll pay much more or much less than the state average cost of care.

Nursing Home Services in Fort Wayne

There are strict regulations on the quality of care and the specific services that all nursing homes must provide. The most important provision is that nursing homes must have licensed nursing staff available at all times to nursing home residents.

Nurses will be responsible for many routine and critical care services that seniors will receive:

Nurses will provide wound care that includes cleaning and disinfecting wounds as well as changing wound dressings to prevent infection.

Nurses will practice bedsore prevention and care that includes routinely changing the patient’s position in bed to relieve pressure on sensitive areas and cleaning and disinfecting existing bed sores to encourage healing.

The nursing home nurse will perform routine health checks and record important information like weight, temperature, and blood pressure for the senior’s physician to look over.

There is frequently specialty care for the sufferers of degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Often, a wing of the nursing home facility will be reserved for the care of patients suffering memory diseases.

Cardiac patients and diabetics will have their specific dietary requirements seen to, and all other seniors will be provided highly nutritious meals designed for the special requirements of the over 65 population.

There will be a staff of aides that can help residents with routine daily activities like eating assistance, help to get around with a wheelchair or walker, and things like dressing and grooming.

Nursing Home Extras

As with anything, it’s the extras that make it special. Nursing homes each vary in their own unique ways; some will provide special facilities like game rooms and community areas where seniors can enjoy fun activities and socialize. From beauty parlors and barbershops to saunas and movie theaters, nursing homes can provide residents with many enjoyable pastimes and activities to make every day special.

What Should You Look For in a Fort Wayne Nursing Home?

Regardless of extras, amenities, or special features, there are some things that you must ensure are available in a potential nursing home.

When you’re visiting a nursing home to learn if it’s the right place for you, ask about:

Licensing and certifications, are they all up to date?

How many nurses on staff, what is the availability of care during the day and overnight hours?

How are meals handled? Will you be accommodated for meals in your room, and is meal assistance always available?

Try to spend some time at a prospective nursing home and get a feel for how life is there. Definitely, visit and have a meal or two at the home and see what you think.

Check out the AARP website and print out the list of questions they have that you should ask.

Controlling Costs and Paying For Care

The first thing you can do to save money on the cost of nursing home care is to get a semi-private room. In Fort Wayne, this can take a couple of thousand dollars off the monthly bill. An advantage of room sharing, of course, is that you’ll have company and someone to get help right away if you experience an emergency of some sort.

A long-term care insurance policy, VA benefits, selling or renting your home, and getting a reverse mortgage are all great options to finance your nursing home stay.

Medicaid will help pay for the care you need and low-income seniors with no assets may qualify for a wide range of programs meant to ensure that every senior can get the nursing home care they need.

Find assisted living in Fort Wayne near you.