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Fort Wayne Veterans Benefits

When veterans return home, we can show our appreciation for their service through the numerous benefits programs and services they earn. Fort Wayne offers veterans plenty of services to choose from for any need they might have. Access to health care, including mental health wellness programs and substance abuse treatment, is easy to find in the city. Plus, there are job opportunities complete with career training and local listings as well as services to find veterans a home or keep them in their current one.

Health Care for The Veterans of Fort Wayne

Health care is necessary for everyone, but it can be crucial for veterans, especially those with injuries or disabilities. Unfortunately, many veterans don’t know they qualify for benefits or don’t realize the services their benefits will cover. According to the VA, any active member or veteran with a discharge that isn’t dishonorable can get health care benefits. Those benefits also extend to those who served in the National Guard or the Reserves during any federally ordered service. When veterans apply, their applications get sorted into priority groups and benefits will be based on those groups.

Fort Wayne is home to the main VA Medical Center for Northern Indiana, but there is also a campus in Marion, Indiana. Included in their services are programs for senior veterans such as mental health wellness, prescription programs, in-home care, hospice services, primary care, and much more. Caregivers of veterans can also use supportive services through the VA.

Housing for The Veterans of Fort Wayne

The Allen County Veterans’ Service Office has a list of benefits that each veteran can get. Included in those benefits are certain housing services and programs.

Indiana veterans can use certain property tax deductions if they meet the required criteria.

Active duty military members might also be able to be exempt up to $5,000 of their military income from their gross taxable income.

Veterans can also use a guaranteed home loan program through the state or federal government to purchase a home.

The Military Relief Fund helps veterans and their families get emergency grants to pay for things like food, housing, medical needs, and transportation.

Veterans’ families that face homelessness can use the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF) to assist in times of need. These services help family members proactively become self-sustaining by providing child care assistance so the adults can look for work, attend classes, or maintain their job as well as provide education to better the family.

Veterans that are homeless can find assistance through groups Brightpoint in Fort Wayne or Volunteers of America in Indiana. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans also lists groups in Fort Wayne like Shepherd’s House, Community Action of Northeast Indiana, and Wayne Township Trustee that can help provide shelter and assistance.

Additional Help for the Veterans of Fort Wayne

The Indiana Department of Veterans’ Affairs has every resource throughout the state listed on its website. Veterans can find places to continue their education or look for a job. They also have employment services that include job training, career counseling, and job fairs and workshops.

Work One is another group in Indiana that has designated veteran’s services for military members seeking gainful employment. They provide their own job services as well as connect veterans to any other service program in the state that could be a useful resource.

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