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Fort Wayne Senior Centers

A wide buffet of social options gives Fort Wayne seniors plenty to keep busy. You no longer have to worry about what you will do during your retired years. Spend your time learning, staying fit, playing games, performing, traveling, and meeting new people. Senior centers now exist to provide plenty of opportunities for all of these things to happen. You just have to attend and join in on the fun.

Looking to Play

Playtime is ideal for anyone. Whether you just play a game of cards with a friend or open up a board game, there are multiple options at senior centers that allow you to enjoy your time. The Parkview Senior Club has plenty of games available.

Looking to Learn

Parkview Health operates a seniors club that provides classes and other opportunities. The education programs offer insight into senior health, such as treating arthritis, nutrition as you age, preventing falls, and pain management. You can also attend a luncheon seminar where you learn about improving your balance, dealing with legal affairs, and taking vitamins. These options allow you to discover the valuable information regarding your health so you can stay on top of it.

Looking to Stay Fit

Not many free exercise options exist in Fort Wayne that allows you to exercise. Sure, you can take a walk through the park or take the stairs when you shop, but those options do not work well for everyone. The Parkview Health and Fitness Center allows you to complete group classes and participate in a supervised exercise program, so you are safe while working out. You may have to pay for a membership to join, but you are then able to participate in many of the options available.

Looking to Perform

The community center offers “Fun After 50” classes." Arts and crafts and other hobbies" is one class option. While most choices include knitting or artwork, you can also get tickets to the theater at a lower price. Talk to your local theater if you want to learn about opportunities to perform yourself, rather than just watch. The Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy offers acting classes that may interest you.

Looking to Meet New People

Meetup, a website dedicated to allowing people with similar interests to meet, provides a senior-centered section. There are groups for singles, such as the Fort Wayne Karaoke League and Events, as well as other options for retired adults. If you do not want to meet people online, you can visit your local senior center and find people with common interests. Strike up a conversation while you play a game of cards and make a new friend for life.

Looking to Explore

You can speak with a representative at your senior center to learn about any travel groups or opportunities. If there is nothing available through the center, they may point you in the direction of the Parks and Recreation Travel Service. They offer trips that include tours, both locally and farther away. Day and extended travel options both exist that ensure people of all ages can explore the world around them.

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