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Fort Wayne Rehab Centers

Getting on the road to recovery may take some extra time and therapy after surgery, illness, stroke, or a heart attack. Nursing homes and assisted living communities offer short-term rehab to help you get back to independent living by improving your strength, mobility, and endurance.  Around a third of nursing home patients are short-term residents.  Various therapists are available at these facilities to aid in recovery.  Here is some information to help you begin your rehab facility search and assist you with selecting the best place for you and your recovery.

During Rehab

After a serious illness or surgery, you can imagine it will take some time to heal and return to your independent living.  When searching for rehab facilities, you may notice that there are a variety of names including post-acute, short-term, and transitional rehab.  When you first arrive at the rehab facility, the staff will evaluate your current condition and create a daily recovery plan with your doctor’s approval.

Your plan will be individualized based on your needs.  A knee or hip replacement patient may require different services than a stroke patient.  Typically every rehab facility offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy daily or multiple times a week.

Where Should You Look For Rehab

You have several options for rehab in Fort Wayne. Below are a few of the highest rated places on

Woodview offers a Respite Care program for patients recovering from a hospital stay, and this program assists patients to regain independence and wellness. Woodview won’s 2017 Best of Senior Living Award.

Heritage Park Assisted Living & Garden Homes has a Moving Forward program to help individuals restore abilities after surgery or illness. Services offered include physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Moving Forward’s goal is to return patients home safely.

Kingston at Dupont helps patients get home safely with specialized therapy to regain strength and mobility.

Your physician is also familiar with rehab facilities and will give you recommendations based on your needs.  Be sure to ask your family and friends for referrals, and also, research for online reviews.

Standards You Want

Picking the best rehab care is vital in your recovery.  Be sure to ask around because you can learn a great deal about a facility based on the experience of someone you trust.  Check that the facility is clean and has passed all the state inspections.  Be sure to determine if Medicare covers this center or if it is Medicaid-certified.

Payment Options

Medicare will cover skilled nursing care with an approved facility and the following criteria:

Medicare Part A covers this care, so you need this coverage.  

You need to have days left in this benefit period.

You need to be in the hospital for three consecutive days (not including your admission day).

Your medical condition must warrant rehab services for recovery.

Your doctor must place orders for rehab.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, check into long-term care insurance or Medicaid.  If you choose to use Medicaid, the rehab center must be Medicaid-certified. Insurance does not cover all treatment expenses, so verify the treatment plan with your doctor.   You will have to pay for non-covered items.

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