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Fort Wayne In-Home Care

Why do people choose an in-home care situation rather than assisted-living or nursing home care? It is a personal choice that can rely on reasons as different as the seniors in Fort Wayne who need in-home care.

The cost of an assisted living community residency or live-in nursing facility residency is a concern.

The median cost of in-home care in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, was roughly $4,000 per month in 2016, compared to almost $3600 per month for assisted living and $7500 per month for a private room in a nursing home.

Getting the help you need while staying in your home is an important factor for many Indiana seniors.

Keep reading to learn about the in-home care options in the Fort Wayne area including the kind of care that is available, what seniors using in-home care want, and how to find the best in-home care service options for you and your family.

Fort Wayne Home Care Agencies

There are lots of in-home care service agencies throughout the Fort Wayne region and Indiana State.

Fort Wayne, Indiana in-home care services are divided into two types:

1) homemaker services, which are also called personal-care services.

2) home-health care assistance, which requires a specially trained home health aide.

A number of in-home care service agencies will give seniors the option of using either type of care. Indiana State law requires that in-home care agencies are certified and listed by the Indiana Department of Aging and Disability Services.

We will take a look at what Fort Wayne seniors and their loved ones can expect from in-home care service agencies in Fort Wayne.

I’ve looked at the reviews left on by current and former clients of in-home care agencies and their families to get an idea of important considerations people look for.

Reviewers posting on were concerned about:

Easy care transitions during staffing changes. Regardless if it’s due to personality issues or not being the right fit. “The last service fired the aide I liked, and Senior Helpers was able to hire her into their agency for an easy way to keep my preferred carer,” wrote a Royal Homecare customer.

Getting along with the senior’s pets. “Maggie cared for my mother and looked after her cat,” wrote the son of a Dedicated Care In-Home Services  Fort Wayne senior client.

Another important factor for many reviewers was the availability of a caregiver on short notice. Most Fort Wayne care agencies are proud to be able to send help to your home quickly when you ask for it.

In-Home Care on Your Schedule

More important than short notice care, Fort Wayne, Indiana in-home care services will create a care schedule that will provide care when you want it.

Family member carers can benefit from using respite care. If you get sick, want to go on a vacation, or need to take some personal time, the help of a respite caregiver may be needed. The caregiver will make sure your family member has the help he or she needs with eating, taking medications, or bathing.

A full-time or live-in home aide will relieve the strain on the regular carer who needs to earn money or just can’t provide needed care for an important reason.

Fort Wayne In-Home Care is Just One Tool in your Home Care Toolbox

In the same way that you need a lot of tools to keep your car running well, it’s smart to collect a selection of in-home care tools to keep the care you need available. When you do this, you’ll have the in-home care you need ready when it’s required. It’s a way to relieve the worries about meeting your in-home care needs.

Here are a few options you can look at:

You can try getting rid of the middle-man and hire someone directly as a money-saving alternative to hiring an agency.

By hiring a carer directly, you can offer to pay a family member who is willing to earn the market rate for the in-home care you need. Hiring a caregiver directly will also give you control of selecting the person you want and controlling the care process from start to end.

Some things to consider include:

It can take a lot of time to find someone by placing want-ads, interviewing candidates, checking references, and vetting potential in-home caregivers.

When you’re an employer, you have to also worry about unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, and other personal tax issues.

Another solution is mixing of agency care and direct employment. With this option you get the best of both ways.

Online delivery and local concierge services are another way to get your shopping, errands, and do routine chores.

A service like TaskRabbit will get the food shopping you need to have delivered to your doorstep.

Pet service agency Rover will handle feeding, washing, or walk your dog. Use Amazon Prime Now if you’re a member of Amazon Prime, to get inexpensive delivery of a wide selection of items in an hour:

Home electronics

Computer peripherals


The way to make the “toolbox” method work is to research your service provider before using any service. Check with friends and family for recommendations; make sure there are positive reviews from customers, and they have a good rating on the Better Business Bureau website.  

Paying for In-Home Care in Fort Wayne

In-home care will be paid by Medicaid under narrow circumstances.

Eligible seniors who are certified that they’re homebound under a doctor’s care and:

Need occupational therapy

Speech-language therapy

Receive Physical therapy

Require skilled nursing care

The need for a Medicare certified agency

Fort Wayne seniors can rely on long-term care insurance to pay for in-home care. A reverse mortgage is another way to pay for help.

Fort Wayne seniors need to look at handy services like the Meals on Wheels program that offers meals delivered to the homes of low-income, homebound Fort Wayne, Indiana seniors.

Find assisted living in Fort Wayne near you.