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Fort Wayne Funeral Homes

Funeral homes are not only responsible for setting up funeral arrangements, but also getting a family through their initial stages of grief. The director will work with you closely to ensure the process goes smoothly and you are comfortable with all decisions getting made. Discuss your options carefully and ensure you ask the right questions, so you know exactly what type of services you are receiving for your loved one in Fort Wayne.

Customer Rights When Choosing Funeral Services

Some directors will attempt to lure you in with package deals and special offerings. As a customer, you have rights when choosing your funeral services. For example, the federal law indicates you do not have to choose from a list of package options. You can ask for prices and see all individual service choices before making your decisions. You may decide to purchase a casket from the establishment and bring it elsewhere to get used if that is what you wish.

Indiana law says a funeral home must offer pricing information on any goods or services sold. The director must also disclose pricing details even when on the phone with a potential customer. If you ask them for a price quote on the phone, they have to oblige, and cannot force you to come in to receive it. In addition to that, they are obligated to inform people that embalming is recommended, but not required by law.

Criteria For Choosing the Ideal Funeral Home

The right funeral home for you may not be the best option for someone else. You have to set your own list of criteria and determine what you are looking for in a place. Do not settle for anything less than what is on your list. Most criteria include having a funeral director who is courteous and comforting, an establishment that is clean and well-maintained, a business that meets licensing requirements, and one that is well-rated among online reviewers or your own friends and family.

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency has details on all licensed establishments meeting the requirements set forth by the State Board of Funeral & Cemetery Service. Use their online verification search to see if the funeral home you want to choose makes the list. If it does not, it means it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Choosing a Budget for Services

It is wise to look at prices for any services or products you consider purchasing. You may not have the means to pay for everything you want due to the high amounts associated with each. Start by setting a budget and deciding how much money you are willing to spend for the entire funeral. Once you have a final number in mind, you can start dividing it by all the different aspects involved. You may skip some areas so that others can get done properly according to your budget allowance. You can even avoid a lot of it altogether by going with cremation instead of burial, as cremation has much lower associated costs. You can still have a viewing beforehand if you desire, as long as you take the extra price into consideration.

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